2019 Recruiting Notes




Lots of recruits in the building today. Watts, Weems, Keion Brooks, Scooby Johnson, Jalen Terry and the 2018 commits Dejulius, Johns and Castleton


The only time I watched Beverly I was highly unimpressed. I don’t think it’s fair to ever judge a kid on one game because everyone has bad games but what stood out to me was that when things weren’t going well he didn’t play hard and when his team was struggling didn’t try to put the team on his shoulders. Anyone else see this from him? If he doesn’t respond well to adversity now I don’t see him responding better at the next level. Seems like a potential red flag.


@mgoblue83 What game did you watch of Beverly? He has a very nonchalant style of play which will rub a lot of people the wrong way. Including myself. But I also know that since he’s Southfield Christian’s tallest player, he gets plugged into the 5 spot on defense, So he looks soft inside competing against natural post players who are much more accustomed to the grittier side of the game. Just about every guard who gets put up against a true post looks shaky


DEPSA game. I understand your point with matchups, it just felt like when things weren’t going well instead of trying harder he looked disinterested and lacking in effort. Again, it’s one game, I’m not going to act like the kid can’t play, I’m sure he’s a far better offensive player than what I saw, I was just concerned by the attitude. Take Jordan Poole today, he made a mistake late and then got the foul at the top of the key just under the 4 minute mark trying to make up for his mistake. Bad play but I’d rather try and take that out of a kid than try and get the kid to play harder when things are going bad. Maybe it was just one night but that’s was my take away.


Poole was just like that going into the team this year too though. That’s one of the reasons he didn’t play to start the year. Until he understood that, he wasn’t going to get minutes this year. Now he is getting that so he is getting minutes because the offensive production was always there. @mgoblue83


For those that have never seen Harlond Beverly Live, he’s on fox Sports detroit right now. He has 18 of his team’s 35 with 4 minutes to go in the first half.


Missed 1st half got there for 2nd half… Didn’t do much damage offensively in that half. Overall stat line was impressive. The sophomore Daijon (sp?) Humphrey looked really smooth. Hard to judge with class D competition but what’s the word on him?


First half was when he was torching it. He made 6 of his 8 field goals in the first 12 minutes. Besides Loyer’s performance, Beverly likely had the best individual performance I would say on Saturday. If you guys get a chance, record Class d on fox Sports Detroit and watch the game. If you can’t record, it should still be on at some point in the next few days on FSD. The first half was all offense. 2nd half was more his defense. Ohio State (Holtman), MSU (entire staff), Missouri (2 coaches) and more were there watching Beverly. Texas was also at the semifinals watching him.

Humphrey is one of the better guards in 2020. He too will likely go d1. Next year his role will increase a ton. AAU this spring will be big for him as well. He was SC’s best player in the 3rd quarter.


Scooby Johnson was really impressive in their game. Clutch 3 for the game winner


Agreed but did you see the Class d game? He had 11 points in the first 2 or 3 minutes, multiple steals and multiple assists. I guess I’ll rephrase the statement by saying he stuffed the stat sheet as well as anyone in any of the games on Saturday.

Scooby is the real deal too. Been saying that for awhile. The big thing for him is if he can keep his perimeter shot falling. If so, the questions about him being a combo forward or wing will go away, and offers will begin to start flooding in. He has a 4.0 GPA as well I believe.




Besides Rocket Watts, DJ Carton could be a name to watch. Especially at the PG spot. As good as Watts is, Carton might be even better. Different styles of play. No offer but he’s the real deal for sure. Put on a show in Milwaukee at the NY2LA Swish and Dish this last weekend.



Looks better than any other 19 we’ve offered.


MattD gave a big write-up and perspective on him on MGo


I saw that, too. Kid sounds like an outstanding prospect. It will be interesting to follow his recruitment.

On another note, I didn’t necessarily always “get along” with MattD when he was on this forum, but I came to respect him as an excellent identifier of talent with a great eye and a very good understanding of what it takes for players to be successful at the high division I level. I enjoy reading his Endless Motor site. Perhaps I’m not supposed to send out commercial messages here, but Endless Motor Sports is really a great source for recruiting information.


I agree, delivery on here was hit and miss but content was always worth reading. I know that it has to be a struggle to balance being a fan and being professional on the same topic. @umhoops always does a good job of it especially when i poke him on topics


Didn’t follow as close when he was around but reading back on that Duncan Robinson thread… The takes he had on preferring Robinson to Dillon Brooks and ripping on Devon Bookers game were some bad misses. I’m sure he got his fair share correct but those were funny to look back on.