2019 Recruiting Notes


How did this conversation break out in a 2019 recruiting thread?


Try to get this back on track, link below says JB watched Keion Brooks. Have been mentioned with him before but not sure how serious.


As much as I would LOVE an elite athletic scoring wing forward like Brooks, I find that one highly unlikely. Recently got a Kentucky offer, and MSU and Indiana both seem to be major players for him and have been for years. Unless they have inside knowledge on Brooks, I really do not see Brooks to Michigan happening.


They had a good look at him all spring and summer because he played with Brandon Johns on Spiece Indy Heat on the EYBL circuit.


Highlights from Old Redford academy’s first game featuring 2019 PG target Rocket Watts & 2020 National Top 50 PF Isaiah Jackson. Both are reportedly pretty high on Michigan’s wish list and that’s perfectly fine with me.


Michigan and several other Big 10 schools are showing interest in Turner. I’ve watched him twice already this year and although I think Turner isnt quite HM yet, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he gets to that level. Kid is a legit 3 level scorer who gets to his spots virtually whenever he wants and can finish in a variety of ways. Turner is definitely one to keep an eye on.


We recruit very well against programs like MSU and IU, they don’t phase me. It’s Kentucky we can’t beat on the trail…



@LosAngelesWolverine1 Right now I think MSU has a better chance at landing all three 2019s you mentioned. Of the three, I think Watts is the best chance for Michigan to nab. Michigan has made up ground with him in the past couple of months, as the staff seems to have put more effort into him than any other target I know of in 2019. It seems that Michigan has made Watts one of, if not the, top priority in that class. He has a ton of offers from good schools though so it is not going to simply be a in state battle, although I do think it will come down to those two personally. Watts has had a good start to the season, and the staff have been fairly frequent visitors in to workouts, practices and games so far this season.

Regarding Beverly, not much has changed. I know Michigan had at least one assistant at his game against Pershing, but I haven’t heard of them really being at anything else for him recently, and Beverly has not mentioned anything to me about them either. I would absolutely love to have Beverly at the SG spot at Michigan, but right now I do not see it unless the staff decides to offer and put more effort into him. Beverly did not impress against Pershing really. He had a great stat line of 20 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists, but probably had 4+ turnovers and struggled big time shooting from three. He airballed a wide open look and missed 3 or 4 other open threes. He did not make any in that game. The high turnovers and lack of a shot that game are two major flags for a Belein offense, so I cannot imagine that the coaches sent good word back regarding Beverly unfortunately. I think he is a better shooter than that game showed, but he has had a issue with turnovers in the past as well. Hopefully Michigan does go for Beverly harder still, but if not we will be fine.
Regarding Weems, I have heard nothing at all on him lately. Im not even sure if Michigan is even putting a lot of effort into him any more truth be told. Maybe they are but I haven’t heard anything. I think of the three in state 2019s, Weems is the least likely to land. He also seems like the strongest lock for MSU of the three to me, although I think all three would pick MSU as of now if they had to pick between one of the two in state schools. If I am Michigan, I would put all my efforts into Watts and Beverly if going for the in state 2019s at this point. I love Weems but he seems so unlikely to me now.


Thanks for the update! What about the 2020 kids? And is Pearson still not going to be good enough to be a Michigan recruit?


Pearson needs to take care of things off the court. He has raw abilities I’d love at Michigan but his perimeter skills are not really developing the way they need to, and more importantly he isn’t playing games right now. Not entirely sure why but I heard grades. If so, Michigan won’t touch him or even look at him until he gets those up around/above a 3.0 GPA. And his development isn’t where it needs to be either. He’s falling behind right now.


Michigan still needs a scholarship slot to open for 2019. My guess is that is limiting the staff’s push with recruits? Come April/May the staff will likely have a better feel where/if a scholarship slot will open?


Yea I know I get the holding off scholarship offer part but I’d just like to see them maintain closer relations with all the 2019s. Because then they have less ground to make up if a spot in said 2019 players position opens up. They already have a great relationship, so now the offer is officially there. Just makes things easier further down the road in their recruitment it seems.


Some highlights from Harlond Beverly’s game against Goodrich.



Others too


I know relationships w/coaches tend to mean more than any one game, I wonder if last weekend’s win at State opened some eyes with the 2019 local crop of HS recruits?


I don’t think it hurt Michigan, but I don’t think really changes any top recruits opinions much either. Beverly had plans to visit Michigan for awhile but didn’t have an exact date setup for doing it. Just coincidental that it was shortly after the MSU game. He’s visiting Indiana in the near future too. He was at MSU for Michigan game as well.


How could a WIN over MSU ever hurt Michigan with instate recruits? I get the idea that maybe it didn’t move the needle that much either way, but it couldn’t possibly be detrimental.


That’s what I meant. Thought it translated that way but I guess not. Like i said it absolutely couldn’t have hurt Michigan with those guys but I don’t think it really moved the needle much to take from you.