2019 Recruiting Notes


I don’t see Nunez being able to play the 2G for his first couple of years. Just doesn’t have the ball skills. That’s the main reason I’m a bit surprised Beilein hasn’t lined up a few 2 guards to chase in 2019.


That could be, he’s probably a three then. So yeah, you would think we need some twos.


It sure is frustrating to see homegrown talent like Duane Washington and possibly Beverly leave the state. Damn good players.


Are you assuming Matthews will leave early for nba?


Yeah, I can’t see how here’s still here in 2019. I mean, it’s probably 50/50 for next year.


Probably right.


I’ll play the odds that 1 scholarship opens for the Class of ‘19, but the description of 3 (or more) seems rather unfounded. Going through the positions:

  • DeJulius looks like a solid HS recruit for UM/Beilein, but there are very low odds of DeJulius beating out Simpson next season. Remember FR often struggle w/the complexity of Beilein’s offense & Simpson will be entering his 3rd yr w/the benefit of being a plus defender at the position. Most likely DeJulius red-shirts or plays sparingly next season.

  • Castelton was recruited in the Class of 18 to be a 3rd big/injury-foul trouble option in the post. With his size/build, it is difficult to see him being able to bang w/B1G posts right away. It’s a big jump up in size/strength from HS to B1G. Most likely Teske starts & Davis makes a jump next season like Teske’s done this season to settle in as the backup.

  • True, Ibi Watson may get squeezed but if he doesn’t leave at the end of this season, he would more likely opt to get his degree from UM than leave after his JR year (maybe he’d ask to redshirt a year to preserve a 5th year grad transfer option — either way staying w/the program for 4yrs) but Ibi leaving this off-season is probably the most likely departure of the group

  • there is very little credible sourcing to indicate the NBA will be interested in Charles Matthews for the 2018 Draft. He is UM’s best perimeter player, but his role w/us on the Wing is different than where he’d project in the NBA as a SG. He has neither shown the ball handling skills nor the consistent 3point shooting for an NBA SG role, as of yet. (Many UM fans are questioning whether he has the skill set to do either against B1G opponents). At this point it appears to be better than a 50% chance he’ll play 3 seasons at UM.


Simpson is averaging 2.6 points per game. I hear what you’re saying about a freshman learning the offense. Of course, guys like Trey Burke, Derrick Walton and Spike Albrecht did, and from all accounts Brooks has caught on well too. We’ll see what happens.

Sure, Castelton is skinny, but he has offensive skills and shot blocking ability. You could be right with Davis, we’ll see.

On the Mathews thing, I think his handle has looked very solid. He’s got a great mid-range game, he’s passing the ball well (had a 12 assist game for us), and he’s shooting .370 from three. I’d be stunned if he played here three years. And I think the NBA will catch on if he has some big games against good teams where he gets noticed. Whatever was predicted for him by some before the year started, he looks really good to me. I think he’s absolutely a pro.


Let’s see how good Washington turns out to be, first. I’m not sure he’s got star potential. Also, there’s probably a ways to go in Beverly’s recruitment.


Washington is better than Simpson right now. He is an ascending player with size and a beautiful shot.

There’s a reason we offered. He just saw a better opportunity elsewhere.


Do you project him as a point?

If not, why is the comparison to Simpson relevant?

We’ll see. From the film I saw he didn’t look particularly athletic.


I don’t see Washington as a point guard and I believe JB saw him as a two guard. I basically saw him as a better offensive version of MAAR. Better handle and can create some.




Not sure if anyone else was there, but Beverly put up a stat line of 20 points, 7 rebounds 7 assists and 3 steals I believe. What is crazy is that he played sub par for his standards. Struggled mightily shooting from deep and missed a layup at the buzzer of regulation that would’ve won the game. Instead, he fouled the kid on the follow up, and couldn’t play in overtime. Nonetheless, I still am very high on him. He put up those numbers against a Detroit Pershing team that is one of the best teams in Michigan. Kid has a ton of upside.


Keep in mind the position you play is more often based on who you defend. I say that because going forward there will be plenty of folks that can handle the ball.


Well, if Simpson can play like he did yesterday comsistently, I’ll be 100% wrong and he’ll be a huge part of this team in the future. He was outstanding.


Really was–and I have had growing doubts myself. Re-watched the last ten minutes and overtime; he made one great play after another down the stretch. I was also quite encouraged, on a slightly different note, at the way he and Brooks encouraged each other repeatedly as they entered and left.



I think Simpson played with more purpose and energy yesterday than he often has. The whole team seemed to finally pick up the intensity level after UCLA took a 46-31 lead.

If Simpson can lock down guys like that and score the way he did, he’ll get that starting position back soon.


He doesn’t have to be the starter. It may work better having him come off the bench.