2019 Recruiting Notes


Yeah, he’s talking about Miami. His dad played football there and they are playing Notre Dame this weekend (Michigan is at Maryland).

I wouldn’t expect any sort of early interest to go anywhere with Carey.



Damn. If they follow up Washington with Beverly …




The “local scouting community” will make mean faces at Beilein…


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Mean Mugging John Beilein is still free…



As always recruiting news goes quiet since the season started but linked article talks about Jalen Wilson from Texas wanting to visit us. Top 50 kid, no clue about game but kind of looks like DJ Wilson. Also of note Chris Harris is a recruit who we were mentioned with this summer, not sure if still true but is talked about in the article as well.

Does anyone else wish JB would look at transfers moving forward? Gives them a year to learn system and work with Sanderson. Matthews has obviously been huge so far this year and if he keeps it up we might not have him for much longer.


Beilein use to use transfers early in his career at WVU. Mike Gansey and D’or Fischer were his two best ones. Just like in HS recruiting, it has to be the correct fit. He probably puts too much time into the whole evaluation and will be too slow for many kids that want to make their decision quickly.



Here is Harlond Beverly’s season schedule with Southfield Christian. Best games to go see him if looking for entertaining games would be:

Pershing December 9th, which is a huge day of basketball tourneys at Cass Tech. I will be there all day starting at noon.

Detroit King December 26 at King

DEPSA December 29

Goodrich January 9 at Southfield Christian

West Bloomfield February 2 at West Bloomfield

River Rouge February 16 at Southfield Christian

Ann Arbor Pioneer February 27 at Southfield Christian

Detroit Country Day March 1 at Southfield Christian


Here is Rocket Watt’s schedule:


Best games to see:

Ann Arbor Skyline January 20 at Belleville

Grand Rapids Union February 3 at GR Union

Flint Beecher February 2 at Beecher

Rocket also has national top 50 2020 and likely target 6’8 Forward Isaiah Jackson on his team as well.


Here is Romeo Weems schedule


Best games to see Weems:

De La Salle December 9th at De La Salle

Flint Beecher February 27 at New Haven

There are like 5 unfilled game slots for them so there will likely be more good games worth seeing.


Jalen Wilson talks about us.

Also another long wing from Cali mentioned recently is Max Agobonpolo.

Just give me one guy who is known to take it to the rim in this class.



Highlights of 2019 Southfield Christian 6’5 Guard Harlond Beverly. This kid has serious pro potential if he can keep developing his game in the right areas.


If only Michigan was actually recruiting him. :cry:


Yea I don’t really understand the lack of interest. Especially when he is basically in Michigan’s backyard in Detroit. High character kid, tons of upside, major scoring and offensive ability. Versatile. Xavier is recruiting him as a PG and most others as either a 2 or 3. A big head scratcher. The no scholarship in 2019 thing can’t be used really anymore either because Rocket Watts was on a visit at the Indiana game, and if any spot has no need currently quantity wise, it’s the PG spot. Quality wise, Rocket is definitely not bad to pursue though. Also, they are in almost constant contact with Rocket. Why not try to get in good with all the top in state prospects and if spots open in those positions, it becomes much easier for Michigan to pursue those in state prospects whom they have already began building a good relationship with.


Lack of scholarship room is probably a big factor in how strongly Beilein is recruiting the Class of 19. But I agree there are several players in the region how would look good in UM’s system.


There could be many factors to not recruiting Beverly. We just don’t have enough information from the UM staff to truly think we have any idea what’s going on with the recruitment. Beilein was and always has been super tight lipped regarding recruiting to everyone. There has to be something that didn’t go over well in the initial contact, grades (just speculating, have no idea), or not getting a good vibe from HS and/or AAU coaches.


I mentioned the lack of scholarships. But why are they heavily pursuing Rocket so hard then? And also reportedly pursuing Jalen Wilson, a wing based out of Texas? It is puzzling. End of the day, I trust the staff and their decisions so it is not a huge deal but it is just something that I find weird and would not mind knowing the reasoning behind it.


Well, there should definitely be scholarships available.

At the point, we’ll have: Brooks, Simpson, and DeJulius. It would not stun me to see Simpson transfer if DeJulius is good enough to take his minutes next year.

Two guard: Poole, Nunez

Three: Brazdeikis, Watson. It would not shock me at all to see Watson move on either. Nunez could seemingly play the three too.

Four: Livers, Johns.

Five: Teske, Castleton, Davis. If Davis can’t beat out Castelton next year (to be determined), I could see him moving on too.

If my numbers are right, and my assumptions are right, we could have 3-4 spots open for 2019, with a need for some guys at the 2/3 positions.