2019 Recruiting Notes


Scorching Hot Take: Perhaps Coach’s experience with Zak Irvin is keeping him away from prospects with funky mechanics. Zak was the first player I’ve heard of where JB couldn’t iron out their mechanics; the player was so mentally dependent on their bad technique that the more effort that was put in to make it more standard, the worse the results on the floor.

I’m not saying that all incoming freshmen can’t have their shot tweaked (in fact, I hope they do), but perhaps JB is getting out of the business of completely retooling a kid’s shot…


Have you see Jaaron Simmons catch and shoot? Definitely some fluky mechanics there.

I’m not sure that Beilein is retooling his recruiting philosophy because of Zak Irvin’s shooting slumps. I also think that like a lot of shooters that go through ups and downs, a lot of Zak’s troubles were between the ears.

Beilein also had a quote at media day about how he’s pretty confident in his ability to reshape just about anyone’s shot. I think it was in relation to Matthews.


Watts has a commitable offer and it’s out there that Beilein has made him a priority. I don’t fully understand it myself but that seems to be what’s happening at the moment. Having said that, if the last couple of classes are any indication, we’ll likely be talking about completely different names going into next summer.


I don’t see recruits with Mich offers right now committing early. I think they will wait and see how the roster falls out after the season to see how they would fit in. Then of course like you said the names will change as JB informs un-named recruit how things are laying during and after the aau summer evaluations. My hope is that JB picks up at least one home grown recruit each year.


To tag off of this, I know Beverly is not planning to make a decision until next winter as of now. So he is not in any major rush. Right now he really is just trying to see what offers he gets, then after next AAU season he will begin cutting his list down as of now. With that being said, he seems a bit confused and frustrated that Michigan hasn’t shown serious interest in him, which could be indicative as to what he thinks of them. Not saying even if Michigan did offer soon it would mean they are favorites, but they definitely would have a decent shot at him. With the family connection to Baylor, them being his first high major offer, and also them putting in reportedly as much or more work than any other college, I think they are the team to beat for him.



I’m expecting Ohio State to offer him tomorrow after his visit.


Watts already has an offer from Missouri and is a priority target for them from what I’ve heard. Missouri shouldn’t be dismissed as major players in his recruitment.


What am i missing about Missouri? If i recall, you said Beverly likes them quite a bit too.




Yep as @umhoops pointed out Cornell Mann is the assistant coach at Missouri. He was at Oakland and Iowa State in the past as well. He has been working hard on Michigan kids. Romeo Weems also has an offer from them and they are showing interest in several other guys as well in 2019 and 2020 in Michigan.


Back in the day (1990’s) Missouri use to waltz right into the state including Detroit and pick up some good Talent.


When they were dirty…


Are they clean now?


Cuonzo Martin? Not likely.


I wanted Mann here a couple years back. However, interest is one thing, getting kids to actually go to Mizzou is another. Probably won’t happen much re- kids from MI who have other high major offers from B1G.




He’s similar to Barrett in terms of absolute program changers that are a level above guys like Brown and Bamba. Even if we have no chance it’s nice that we’ve been on the radar of top 5 guys for like 4 straight years.


Are you sure that’s Michigan and not Miami?


Not going to lie, i incorrectly read it as Michigan but still a target so it’s still relevant?