2019 Recruiting Notes


Nwokeji was actually born in Michigan but has lived in Florida most his life. Florida State is the team to beat from what I have heard in his recruitment.


Um why would any kid want to hear from Louisville? Maybe those comments were old?


As much as their name has been embroiled in the craziness, it’s still a name. And there are still a lot of people that are completely oblivious to everything going on right now.


I am expecting Xavier to be the next school to offer him this weekend.



Knew that was coming. Also am hearing that Ohio State is now showing serious interest in Beverly. From what I have been hearing, Michigan is prioritizing Watts over Beverly right now, which is shocking and a bit of a head scratcher to say the least. Ohio State played Xavier in a closed exhibition game the day Beverly visited Xavier.


Just out of curiosity, do you say that because Watts is a heavy MSU lean or due to a difference in ability of the players (referring to the Watts vs Beverly part)?


The perceived priority of need. The lean to a specific college does not mean much to me, because Michigan has overcome those perceived obstacles before with Livers and Johns apparently being heavy MSU leans, but in 2019 looking at the position of most need in all likelihood, a shooting guard/wing right now looks like the biggest area of need. Watts would be more of a lead guard/combo guard who brings the ball up the court rather than a SG, while Beverly is more of a SG who can handle the ball some when needed. Kind of opposite to Watts. And when looking at the incoming 2018 class as well as what is expected to return from this years team, a 2-guard or wing who is good at scoring/creating in iso situations appears to be the biggest need. Got every position coming in for 2018, but if there is one skill specific trait that is missing, it would be a consistent elite iso player with serious athleticism. Iggy can do it to an extent, and Nunez is a 2 similar to Beverly, but he’s a shooter similar to Poole rather than a isolation type player @wolverheel


I don’t think talent is a major issue with either. Both are top 100 type players nationally, just a matter of fit and what the players are looking for as well. With what Beverly has said he is looking for in a college, what he is looking for aligns pretty darn close to everything Michigan can offer. Michigan will have Brooks, Simpson and Dejulius at the PG spot when Beverly and Watts are freshman in college. The SG spot will have Poole and Nunez, and maybe Brooks some. Will Nunez be capable of playing major minutes at that stage as either a redshirt freshman or sophomore? I am not so sure. And neither Poole nor Nunez will be players who can consistently slash to the hoop and create their own shot with the clock winding down. They are shooters. Same issue with the point guards I listed as well. Some can slash but at their size will they be able to finish inside with the trees? Where does that leave Michigan in terms of who the go-to guy will be at the end of a shot clock? Watts is a knockdown shooter, but he is not a consistent isolation scorer who can create his own shot at all three levels.


I am in agreement that Beverly would be a priority for me given the roster makeup. I like his game for Michigan’s roster more than Watts for the exact reasons you mentioned.


I have not heard much about Watts wants or like’s in a program. To me the question is how long is JB willing to wait on Watts before opening up with more offers. I have to agree that I like Beverly’s game better because of size and athletic ability. Beverly’s shot has forms issues that I believe can be corrected. But ultimately the question is does it go in. MAAR does not exactly have a jump shot either (spot up shooter) and it seems to have worked out. But I like Beverly’s potential as a play maker for himself and others. Hopefully JB will continue to look at 2 guards with size.


The one thing here to consider with 2019 recruiting… there’s a lot that Michigan probably has to do to figure out what it has and what it needs. Just about everyone on the 2018-19 roster is basically completely unproven at the college level.


True, for all we know Watson and Poole could look like Big Ten caliber players while Simpson and Brooks struggle mightily. I think the 2019 recruiting picture will be extraordinarily clearer after the season.


Absolutely, and for which JB would probably preach patience is needed. As everyone has an opinion, I am still in the trust JB camp.


Beverly has the skill set to potentially develop into an iso player. We desperately need someone to be a triple threat option at that position in the future.

Especially a bigger guard who can finish at the rim consistently.


Another thing to remember is the size of the '19 class. As it stands now, UM has zero spots. Of course that won’t be the actual situation, but the potential small size of the class combined with unproven nature of the roster could mean fewer offers as early.

We’ll see about this. I think that Poole (and Brooks) could both prove to be very good options with the shot clock winding down, especially out of the PnR.


Yes I am aware that there are no actual roster spots available for 2019. But why is Belein going so hard for a 2019 Point Guard, when that position will likely have tied for the most players on the roster already? Between PG and C if everyone stays, those spots will be at 3 players apiece. Not to mention other players in the SG/Wing or PF spots that could slide into the pg & C spots for small stretches as well. The SG spot will have 1, maybe 2 actual SG. Again, attrition will surely take place and spots will open up. Some maybe in areas we do not forsee right now. Even if Belein doesn’t offer Beverly per say, I think it’s a bit puzzling for him to not be communicating with him more than he has. There is very minimal communication between the player and coach. Michigan i’d think would want to at least stay in contact with the kid. Especially since he lives in the Detroit area. Not a very long distance from Southfield Christian to Ann Arbor for the coaches to check in on him or just talk via texting or calls.


Well one thing I know Watts has said when he is looking for a college is early playing time. Personally I don’t see how Michigan can guarantee that to him with what they have coming in and will still likely have from this year’s team at the PG spot. Beverly I don’t think has stated that major minutes instantly is a huge factor for him. Of course everyone wants to play early so that’d have some sort of factor, but that isn’t one of his top 2 or 3 things he is looking for from what I’ve heard. I also disagree to an extent on MAAR’s shooting. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it was recently revealed that statistically speaking, MAAR actually has shot pretty well when his feet are set, and scoring in iso situations, but not in P&R plays. I do agree that Harlond’s shot can be fixed relatively easy. Especially with an offensive guru like Belein. He makes shots at a pretty good rate as well, so it is not like major improvements need to be made. Just maybe a higher, quicker release and release point. Heck at the rate he does make shots, I’m Ok! With his shot not being altered much if it is effective at the next level. If he grows to be 6’5 or 6’6 like he may well do, the need to alter the shot shrinks the more he grows because height will compensate some.


Another thing to add in- If I was asked to choose between 2019 Rocket Watts or 2020 Jalen Terry, the answer right now Is Terry. One, because the amount of potential PGs on the roster will need another body come 2020, not 2019. And also because as of now, Terry looks like a top 50-75 player nationally in 2020. Terry is more of a pure PG than Watts as well, and has better athleticism. Terry also seems very open and excited whenever Michigan shows an interest in him. Not saying Watts isn’t, but he keeps his cards closer to his chest it seems both from a literal and emotional standpoint, so it is more difficult to gauge his actual interest in Michigan.


I like the idea of waiting until 2020 for a point guard unless some 5 star wants to come. I can’t see JB excepting a commitment early unless its a 5 star or someone like Weems’ which seems sort of unlikely.