2019 Recruiting Notes


Agreed. I like Beverly more than Watts for this team


I think you go all in on guys you want, being more selective with fewer slots. Of course be honest that you value the guys you have, you don’t push people out, but people leave ya for the NBA. So when that happens again: we want you kid!


I know Beverly is a good player and everything, but that shot is difficult to watch, even if it is effective. It reminds me of a 5th-grade kid who has watched some basketball and is shooting for the first time.


It reminds me a bit of Jimmy King when he got to UM. He struggled to convert to a true jump shot.


We seem like a very good fit for what he’d like to do as a guard on the college level and he seems like a very good fit for the things that - at a fundamental level - we really need from our lead guard. I’ve seen enough Beilein basketball to understand that the lead guard being a beast is really what it takes to get the whole thing humming.


I really think he would be a perfect target for the SG spot in the system. He’s better iso player than what they have had in recent years, and although his shot looks funky, it goes in. And he has a pretty quick release with it. I could care less if it’s the ugliest shot in the world, if it goes in and is functional at the high major college level, it’s acceptable. He’s not a player who goes hunting for stats either. He plays within the flow of offenses and takes shots in the system. It will be tough to land him but it’s not impossible. I find it hard to believe we won’t have a spot open in 19, and also, if you look at the roster now and what will be a likely weakness in 2 years, the SG spot will he one of the areas that need bodies. Michigan will be fine if they don’t get Beverly, or any of the top 3 or 4 in state guys like Weems and Rocket regardless though.



What is everyone’s thoughts on DJ Carton? I watched him a few times in July in Milwaukee and I’m a fan. Right now I’m guessing Michigan won’t need a PG in 2019, but if we do, he would not be a bad one to go for. Wisconsin is the perceived front runner for him right now.


Glad to see you around these parts, BP. I enjoy your work.


Harlond Beverly reportedly got Co-MVP of the NY2LA futures event today, which is a pretty big event with a good amount of high D1 talent playing in it. Second year in a row he’s done that. Last year he split it with Tyler Herro (Wisconsin commit), this year with La Lumiere 2019 guard Charles Smith IV, who’s a national 4 star recruit. I’ve watched Beverly quite a few times over the past two years and I have not seen him have a bad game or performance yet. Kid can flat out play and he’s pretty consistent.


Thank you sir. Really appreciate the kind words!



Highlights from the NY2LA futures camp for Carton. I’ve heard from people who are close to Carton that Michigan is showing a lot of interest in him of late. Carton said as much in a article recently done on him by Corey Evans.


I expect Beverly to get an offer from Mizzou this weekend while on his visit. They will be major players in his recruitment going forward if they do. Also, another Big 10 school is beginning to show interest in Beverly.




Don’t know how literal the term “uncle” is being used here but does his realionship with Epke hurt Michigan?


I think it helps Baylor who is heavily involved more than it hurts Michigan.


Epke left because he didn’t like playing in Beilein’s guard oriented offense, iirc. I don’t recall any issues that would cause a problem with Beverly.


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