2019 Recruiting Notes




Any chance of an offer? Believe he blew up late summer out of no where.


It wouldn’t surprise me to see Beilein wait until Spring at least to offer another 2019, but it’s nice to see some high level kids visiting.


Drew Timmie drawing Michigan interest, think he is more a 4 so probably not likely with the guys we have coming in but worth a mention. Played well in EYBL up a year.


He’s got some really nice tape.





Another Texas target.


Very thorough, well done piece on our 19 recruiting board. Couple of new and recent names.



My one comment - that Beverley is a smoooth athlete.

I hadn’t realized that as I hadn’t seen any tape on him.


I think it is about time people interested in who Michigan recruits in 2019 get to really know Harlond Beverly’s name. Beverly is around 6’4 with really long arms. He can play across the backcourt right now and if he grows that could make him even more versatile. Could likely grow to be 6’5 or 6’6 when he graduates. He has really long arms and big feet and is a solid shooter although his shot looks a little funky when he shoots off the catch with his feet set. Looks much better off the dribble at mid range. Regardless, it goes in at a pretty high rate. He’s a very good ISO player who can break a defense down for himself and others. He is probably the top ISO player in the 2019 class in Michigan and has to be one of the better ones in the country at it. He scores at a pretty high rate while not being ball dominant either, and is generally pretty efficient. He was for much of the spring and summer playing for REACH Legends this year. Good defender when he wants to be, but he just needs to consistently lock in on defense all the time. When he does, he causes issues for his man. Very high character kid who is pretty humble about the entire process. He grew up not really a huge fan of either Michigan or MSU so that’s a good thing. MSU has been putting more time into him than any of the other colleges to offer him though so far. Which is unsurprising because they have a pretty good eye for talent in state as well.
End of the day though he just wants to go somewhere where the offenses let guards have freedom to operate and run a lot of pick and rolls. A thing he needs to work on though is cutting back on turnovers. Gets a bit laxidasical at times with the ball. That is one of his biggest weaknesses right now. If he grows to be 6’6 or taller, wouldn’t be shocking to see blue blood type schools starting to show interest in him. That’s how highly I rate him. He also can easily finish dunks off off of either his right or left, or both feet, which makes him tough to defend and block shots on because you don’t know when he will leave his feet or even what hand he will finish with. I also have not seen many players anywhere who jump so well off their right, left or both feet whenever. You can see between all the films alone he can finish above the rim comfortably off either or both feet. He plays high school for Southfield Christian. If you live in Michigan, go watch him when he and SC play a non conference game. Their conference games are a joke. If Michigan wants a 2 guard or wing for 2019 who can create for himself and others, Beverly should be the no brainer option who is close to home. He has offers from Baylor, MSU and Arizona State so far at the HM level, but schools like Missouri, Texas and VCU are all showing a lot of interest in him as well. Michigan needs to ramp up the interest though, because as of a few days ago, I do not think they really have shown much interest in him, which is puzzling. Below are some links to some of the best film on Beverly currently available. All of this is from this past AAU season by the way.


Who are you?


Braeden Proctor, lead contributor for Prep Hoops Michigan. Former JUCO basketball player. A valuable addition to the forum.


Thank you.


Michigan knows all about Beverly. Believe me.


They were watching him very closely at both camp sessions this summer. Definitely know all about him.


I know they know. Especially after how he did at the elite camp. Most schools nationally know about him. But they aren’t showing as much interest as they could be. Granted he’s a late bloomer and no one really knew who he was before December of last year. Hopefully they will offer him sooner than later. The communication between player and staff has been a little lighter than expected from what I heard.


Michigan is in a difficult position for the 2019 class. They technically have zero available scholarships. At this point there is no telling how many players will want to transfer or go pro by then so they have to be very particular about how many guys they offer and how hard they push for commitments.


Right, can’t go all in on a kid with no scholarship to offer. I’m sure it will pick up

I’d take Beverley over Watts any day, though.