2019 Recruiting Notes


Article states Coach B is hesitant to give an offer due to concerns of legitimate interest in Michigan. Kind of surprising to me considering the kid took an unofficial visit on his own from Texas to Michigan (not a quick trip).

What are some of the downsides in offering? Not offering may make the kid think he’s not wanted at Michigan. Thoughts?



I’m sure there is mutual interest but I can’t imagine there being that much contact between the two at this point of the recruitment. If he comes and visits during football and/or basketball season, I’m sure they’ll be an offer.


Downside could be him pulling a Tyus Battle: claiming a scholarship while other targets commit elsewhere, only to open up his recruitment and commit to another program and leaving Michigan in the lurch.

I’m sure Coach doesn’t want to go through that again.


Don’t remind me


Some rumors say the kid was quite a bit late for the visit, JB was a little apprehensive about the kid.

  1. Perhaps the staff doesn’t think he can qualify academically?
  2. Depending on the read the staff gets from the kid or his decision-maker. If Coach Beilein doesn’t think the kid will really come to UM, he may not want to be used a pawn in a kid’s (or a kid’s handler’s) push for better concessions from another school (and concessions may be something as benign as a guaranteed starting spot as a FROSH or guarantee that no other players will be recruited at his position)


I don’t know anything about Tyrese Maxey and would love for him to come to Michigan if he and Beilein so desire.

Just in general, as a fan that’s followed the Beilein era, some recruitments remind me of the idea of virtue signaling. Spend time with the head of the ethics committee, then go to Kentucky, Syracuse, or Texas. I’m glad he has the process he has with recruiting (just as a fan, not as someone in the know), and am excited about the people coming in.


Interesting observation.



I’m assuming this is a Sparty production. Why would you use that picture of Izzo? Why not use a photo of Draymond administering a cup check or Magic hosting his talk show (don’t blink, you’ll miss it)?

Granted, it’s not Izzo riding on top of a cannon, but I think they could have chosen better. Maybe his resume is so strong it doesn’t matter…


I think the kid probably googled “Michgan State Basketball” and used 3 of the top images. Doesn’t look like that’s from the school’s graphics department or whatever they call it.


I like the photos, glad he went with Magic, can we offer just to see what he puts for us? Glen rice? Stauskas or Burke or dj?


Not sure of our interest going forward, but I know he’s camped at M before. Amazing this tiny public school has a D1 recruit.


We should have a BIG SHOT at getting this kid. Player.


Why is that


Here is an interesting move for Isaiah Steward formerly of Mcquaid Jesuit in Rochester, NY. Could this change his recruitment with UM?


Wow my uncle is going to be pretty upset. Surprised he didn’t mention this when I saw him earlier.

Seems belein doesn’t reach out to the east coast heavy. Stewart has had a ton of acc love so far. Maybe having him in the Midwestern pocket will change this. Good for him. All the top kids went to prep school this year from Rochester. My fan favorite j. Williams is at prolific prep now.

Here’s to hoping belein gets to see him up close. He’s been working on his ball skills pretty heavy I’ve been told. He’d need too, to run with us.


I don’t usually do this but it’s kind of bothering me…



Nah, I feel like knowing the coach’s name isn’t that important lol.