2019 Recruiting Notes


Super high ceiling. Big time recruit.


I was definitely a fan of him watching him at Michigan’s camp earlier this summer. Potential to be a big time player.


What does he do well? Any comparison players? I’ve haven’t seen much about him.


Definitely feels like State has the upperhand right now on the top recruits in Michigan for 2019. It would hurt to see all four of weems, armstrong, watts, and beverly go with sparty, and it looks like they’ll have the room for them.


I’ll take Beverly. They can have the other three.


That would hurt, and would be really surprising, though I agree with your vibe.

Still a long way off.

Man those gold unis are ugly!


2019 could be a really small class for us though. It makes it a bit harder to really pursue too many guys if you don’t believe you’ll have more than 1 or 2 openings.


This is true. We’ll know more this spring vis-a-vis whether we have attrition, but right now, it’s going to be a very small class.

There’s another elephant in the room too, and one which needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. JB’s contract runs through '21, at which point he’ll be 68. Unless he coaches beyond '21, kids signing for '19 or thereafter will play half (or less) of their respective college careers for JB. We’re going to have to extend him or have a public succession plan in place, or we’re going to struggle to recruit after the '18 class. Personally, I’d let him coach until he doesn’t want to coach anymore, and I’d let that be known/put a rolling end date into his contract, but one way or the other, it has to be addressed.


Lavall Jordan’s contract runs through April 2021. Koinkidink?


Because they have offered all four and us only two?


Anyone Beilein would recruit is probably aware, or has advisors who are aware that college coaching is a volatile profession. That probably won’t be a factor.

Coach k is also old, Roy Williams not young. Izzo, Alford, wright, and maybe self/pitino are young enough and have job security and a high level program that it would be a point for them.


It’s already been a factor. Bailey, the kid from Utah who went on a mission, chose Marquette instead because he wasn’t certain how long Beilein will be there. Volatile or not, kids want to feel good about the chances of playing for the same coach.
Coach K is not a great comparison because most all the Duke kids believe they are one and done.


Is there a link to the direct quote for that? I just looked on the archives and couldn’t find anything.


No. A couple of the guys seem to be tight with Bridges and are considered heavy State leans. And now they offered Beverly first, which isn’t that big a deal, but we will see.


Fair enough on Duke, although they mix recruits in a way Kentucky doesn’t.

I would say bailey made an interesting choice as Marquette coaches average like 6 years, since it’s a stepping stone job (crean, Williams, majerus) and Beilein has been here for 10, wojo only 2.


Who is considered a heavy lean to msu


Weems, Armstrong, and Watts as well.



It’s being reported that Michigan has offered Vernon Carey, Jr. He’s a top 5 player in the class of 2019. Didn’t even know he visited but good that they are involved with another top rated player.


He’s visiting Michigan State on the 21st. Have to think he’ll stop by before or after.

Michigan State has offered top ranked 2019 @NikeTeamFlorida big man Vernon Carey Jr; he will visit MSU on September 21@Matt_Dorsey

— Corey Evans (@coreyevans_10) September 1, 2017