2019 Recruiting Notes


Well, I was addressing the hypothetical that MSU lands a 5-star recruit for next year. I think MSU would be a better team if they didn’t play two low post players simultaneously - I suspect Tillman’s higher rate of committing fouls is because he’s playing out of position at the 4. So I just don’t think they would suffer that much if Ward left MSU next off-season.

But, yes, Ward is maintaining his offensive productivity at a very high usage rate, and Sparty has the 6th most efficient offense in the country, so I guess I should cut him some slack.


Might’ve been a misquote but announcer said Michigan, MSU, and Baylor are at the Montverde Academy vs. Sunrise Christian game right now. Said it after Beverly blocked a shot. Game just started.im assuming they are there for him if they mention that. Below is a link to the game happening right now.



2020 G Cade Cunningham also at Monteverde.


Yep. Forgot to add that. Beverly and Cunningham were the best players in the first quarter for Montverde. Cunningham scoring, Beverly defense and facilitating


@umhoops have you heard of any staff being at any games tonight? Heard Emoni Bates tore up Saline, which is where Coach Yaklich’s kid’s go to school. And I don’t think there was any staff at Dematha tonight to watch Montverde but idk.

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No idea what to make of this and I doubt anything comes of it but weird that Lamelo Ball is at a game. Sitting where recruits typically sit too.


Prototypical Beilein recruit.



Was literally about to post what Dylan did lol.


Did he come up to visit with Isaiah Jackson or something?


Nope. Isaiah Jackson was not pictured at the game nor did anyone say anything about him being there. Just LaMelo and a few of his friends it looked like.


I’ll say it again…absolutely nothing about today’s game made sense.


lol. Keeps getting stranger.


I’m sure LaMelo will go the G League route.


I wouldn’t be sure of anything with LaMelo or LaVar.


Melo in the locker room



Nothing against the Ball kids, but I don’t want his father to be involved with Michigan basketball. I would be saddened.


Who took this picture?