2019 NCAA Tournament Games Open Thread


Figured we could use a specific thread to follow the Tournament games (as opposed to the CBB Open Discussion one).

Today’s slate of games:

Let the Madness ensue!


Today and tomorrow are my two favorite days of sports. Two extended flurries of pleasure.


I was in the middle of typing up a comment about MacBrayer’s bricks, then he finally hits one.


Same exact thing here.

My Yale pick is looking quite prescient (9-0, LSU - oof).


Minnesota is hoooooopin. Amir Coffey looks great



After playing UM it must be such a relief to play against a defense that is … well, not UM.


It might be a B1G day in Des Moines


For all their complaining, MSU might get Minnesota in the 2nd round :roll_eyes:


I’m so annoyed by that matchup. No fun to watch Big Ten games that early


LSU vs. Michigan State would be a dandy


Minnesota has doubled their average 3 point makes in a game… with 12 minutes left


Gabe Kalscheur is going to be at Minnesota for 4 years and it’s going to feel like 20, isn’t it? Like when Ricky Blanton was at LSU for the entire last quarter of the 20th century.



Happy for Pitino. I know he isn’t well liked around here, but I’ve always considered him to be a good guy and a good coach.


We will see if they play as well against Bradley;)


First game is in the books and my bracket is already busted.


Either Minny fans are chiming in, or Bradley fans showed up and sound loud on TV.


If that time Bradley came to the Palace was any indication, they travel really well. It’s also only a four hour drive to Des Moines.


I think Bradley’s already had as many good looks as we had the entire 2nd half on Sunday.