2019 - G - Mark "Rocket" Watts (Offer)


Such as…


What are the several reasons?


You guys must not be familiar with dot…


We are. It doesn’t hurt to ask.


Come on folks. Kid is still on the radar. This is a public site. There is a common practice among people on sites of taking information elsewhere and/or distorting what is said.

Best to leave it exactly where it is.


If you mean he likes to put it up, I don’t think UM shies from guys who like to hunt their shots.


In fact Coach B has coached many of our guys to hunt shots.


I meant it more in the sense of unsentimentally looking for a situation that works best for him. Not bag money, but “what’s in it for me”. He seems to be kind of guarded about revealing his interest level.


Watts is supposed to finalize his top seven today, but still nothing from him about it. Curious to see who’s on his list.


Watts made the final cut for USA U18 team, Carton did not.