2019 - G - Mark "Rocket" Watts (Former Target)


This is actually a bit surprising to me. I would have guessed we were maxed out on small guards for a while

Isn’t he a huge state lean?

If he’s truly a PG, 6’2" (with potential to grow) is not small. There’s also always the possibility of attrition so you have to keep recruiting replacements these days.

Seriously deep range on his jump shot. Athletic as well. His videos don’t show a lot of passing.

He’s much more of a scoring combo guard than a point guard right now IMO.

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Would you say the same about Eli and David?

Junior year highlights. While Beverly might have the better ceiling between the two, I like Watts a lot and actually think he would be the better fit in Beilein’s offense (which is why I think Beilein is prioritizing Watts more right now).


Any scout tapes out there? Highlight tapes are fun and all but don’t generally deliver a complete picture. As for the Watts vs Beverly debate, I was not impressed with Beverly’s attitude and effort the one time I saw him live this year. Also, while college success is not directly correlated to HS success it is a bit concerning that he isn’t even the best player on his own team. Bryce Washington is a very nice player and a division 1 kid in his own right but you would think if you’re a guard who’s as highly regarded as Beverly that he’d be option 1. I think it’s different when you’re talking about bigs who haven’t developed yet. Maybe I’m wrong but definitely not sold on Beverly in the admittedly minimal amount I’ve seen him play.

I haven’t followed recruiting that closely lately, but I also like the fact that Watts has a 2020 teammate who appears to be REALLY promising, assuming he continues to put in the work.


Jackson has been to Michigan for three unofficial visits since October (according to 247), so hopefully that’s a good sign


Yeah, the word is that Jackson really likes Michigan. I believe the same is true of Scooby Johnson in 2020 as well.


The 2020 class in general seems to all like Michigan. I know Jalen Terry up at Beecher has been here multiple times as well, although last I checked Beecher struggled this year (hopefully more a result of losing Malik Ellison than Terry’s play). Even Weems seems to be showing more interest as of late even though he’s been pegged as a Sparty lock for over a year now. I remember for the Ohio State game, pretty much all of the top guys in 2019 and 2020 visited.

I’ll say that I watched Flint Beecher play U of D and i completely forgot that Jalen Terry was on the team. JB was also there to watch Dejulius and Terry and I wondered why he had stayed through the whole Flint Beecher game, so I looked up their roster and thought “Oh shit I forgot Jalen Terry went there”. He basically made no impression to me when I actually watched the game…

Flint Beecher really missed Malik Ellison who went to EMU and EMU was the only D1 school to offer him a scholarship. Ellison is small but can score in bunches.

MSU 247 moderator has put in a crystal ball for Watts to Michigan


Correct me if I’m wrong as I haven’t been following 2019 recruiting very close yet, but is Watts not considered a combo guard? Would he be a similar player to Brooks and Dejulius?