2019 - G - Mark "Rocket" Watts (Former Target)

as i remember more of a combo guard than a pure point. but a backcourt of Brooks/DD/Watts could be quite effective offensively.

Had Xavier previously offered?



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Louisville is a blessing? My, how soon they forget…

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Might depend on what you consider an answer to your prayers…

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@umhoops can you move this to rocket’s Thread? Posted in this one and forgot he had his own thread

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Video highlights of Watts from this weekend and quotes.

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See ya…!

Almost time for the big top 7 announcement lol


Anyone know why there doesn’t seem to be much love between Rocket and UM? Is it his choice, ours or mutual?

Not sure, putting up some big AAU numbers. 2nd in scoring in EYBL, albeit with a very high usage rate. Shooting just under 36% from 3 which is not bad considering the number of attempts. Definitely a guy who wants the ball in his hands, and shows pretty good shooting numbers (85% FT shooter).

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The buzz was he was leaning towards us over the past couple of months. I think we just fell in love with Carton and Watts is now #2 to him

#3 behind Girard unless you have him in a separate category.

It makes more sense to add a combo guard in 2019 than another ball dominant PG.

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He’s not at the top of the list at this time for several reasons.

too mercenary?