2019 - G - Mark "Rocket" Watts (Former Target)


Such asโ€ฆ


What are the several reasons?


You guys must not be familiar with dotโ€ฆ


We are. It doesnโ€™t hurt to ask.


Come on folks. Kid is still on the radar. This is a public site. There is a common practice among people on sites of taking information elsewhere and/or distorting what is said.

Best to leave it exactly where it is.


If you mean he likes to put it up, I donโ€™t think UM shies from guys who like to hunt their shots.


In fact Coach B has coached many of our guys to hunt shots.


I meant it more in the sense of unsentimentally looking for a situation that works best for him. Not bag money, but โ€œwhatโ€™s in it for meโ€. He seems to be kind of guarded about revealing his interest level.


Watts is supposed to finalize his top seven today, but still nothing from him about it. Curious to see whoโ€™s on his list.


Watts made the final cut for USA U18 team, Carton did not.


Watts visiting Louisville today.




Michigan is in the final 8 for Watts.



Cool graphic


Added USA Basketball footage to Wattsโ€™ profile.

Hereโ€™s a clip from this weekend.


I like his game a lot


I stated earlier this year that his game was perfect for JB and should be a focus but some pooh poohed that notion.


Who are the four in the four horse race for Watts?

2019 - G - Harlond Beverly (Target)

I heard UCONN, Missouri, Louisville and Florida State. With Watts though Iโ€™m not putting anything past him. For awhile MSU was thought to be where he was heading, then Michigan, and it was even thought Mississippi State and Ole Miss and a couple other schools were in deep with him. If he leaves the state for his senior year will probably be relevant as well. He announced a few weeks ago he was staying but yesterday on his Instagram page, someone asked him a question about if he was staying at Old Redford and he responded he wasnโ€™t sure. His dad lives in Georgia I think and thereโ€™s a ton of powerhouse schools down there.