2019 - G - Harlond Beverly (Miami Commit)


I’ve dug him from the start but I’m not sure about that. Nunez might have a real nice role here depending on the roster make up. I don’t think Nunez was just some late add on. Guy can really play.

Beverly overall it’s easy to make that case but if you have lots of athletic wings but lack shooting than Nunez really makes more sense.


Straight up, I think most would pick Beverly over Nunez. But roster building isn’t that simple. I don’t like Beverly more than some of our other guard prospects in 2020 and I think the roster is skilled and talented enough to wait on those guys. If Poole or Iggy announced tomorrow that they’re leaving, I’d for sure take him. But we don’t have that luxury.


Problem is Nunez has look absolutely horrid shooting the basketball. Sometimes the 3 ball doesn’t always translate from one level to the next (see Eli and his struggles)


He has 8 shot attempts in 26 minutes … :man_shrugging:


You can’t educate everyone, Dylan.


I’m typically not overly reactionary when it comes to small in-game sample sizes, but I just don’t think he will be the sharpshooter everyone thinks he has the capability of being. Not worth going into it since it’s my personal opinion and you lean on giving freshman the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve considered his scholarship to be a waste since we offered him. Obviously would be more than happy if I’m wrong on this one, but I think he’s going to be another Ibi Watson in terms of production.


It’s just so hard to draw any conclusions when he comes in during garbage time and hoists up a few forced, meaningless shots that don’t come within the flow of the offense. He did look good on that 25 footer he swished against IU.


My point is just that we haven’t seen anything significant on the court from DeJulius, Nunez or Castleton. I wouldn’t put any stock into what they’ve done on the court in the last 2-3 minutes of games right now. What they look like down the road is really just speculation.

They obviously aren’t ready to play right now, but it is too early to call them a waste of a scholarship. Just like it would have been too early to call Zavier Simpson or DJ Wilson a waste of scholarship at various points in their careers.


I think it’s fair to think he may not be a B1G caliber player similar to Ibi. They were both late adds and not highly recruited at all. But saying that is very different than saying Nunuz’s shot looks “absolutely horrid” which is what is gonna upset some people. I think you just could’ve chosen better wording.


Just a FYI Beverly isn’t waiting for Michigan. He’s moving forward with whom is actively recruiting him but he’s still open to others jumping in or old ones coming back. Kansas has began turning up the interest on him the last few days and he sounded pretty excited about that. His roommate is Precious Achiuwa, and he’s been recruited by Kansas for awhile. So they will be a team to watch for sure. Georgia, Miami, Indiana, Xavier, Baylor, Iowa State, Minnesota and Virginia are the other main ones that are really going after him hard right now. So the only chance Michigan really has at hoping he is still available come April would be if other reputable schools comparable to Kansas jump in on him.


Fair enough.


Utah offered Beverly this morning per Corey Evans of Rivals. Beverly said it came out of nowhere.



He’s going to KU



Well, that’s a thing. I think Beilein will have to be busy over the next few weeks/months. Tricky time that can really make or break a team (look at Texas Tech).


Based on the net the coaches have been casting, certainly seems like a transfer or two is coming


I think they’ve gotta just do their due diligence. With Poole and Iggy possibly leaving, plus, though, there is that transfer threat, you’ve gotta cast a wide net. Michigan has been burnt before with open scholarships, you might as well follow up on players like Beverly and Quinones that you’ve been tracking during the season plus grad transfers.


What worries me is Michigan misses on both Beverly and Quinones and Iggy and/or Poole leave. Michigan is trying to cover themselves and I don’t like their odds with either player as it is anyway. Still may be left scrambling.


I’m thinking grad transfer or Wagner may be their most likely route in the event of attrition