2019 - G - Cole Bajema (Commit)


Also found this great picture:



Lot of effort in pic


Thanks for the link. Good to see Cole perform well against good competition. Also, good to hear that he is not afraid of the big stage.


Looks like 35 year old Biff Tannen is using his time machine again…


I don’t actually laugh out loud, but this killed me. Well played :joy:


More videos of Cole.


Buckets Bajema


I really like his ability to rise up off the dribble like that.


Hilarious how bad the D is in some of these high school videos; this is one of those videos.


Looked like he had 1/2 foot over his defenders. They didn’t even bother him. But the action is smooth for sure.


Yeah, I’m looking at this as if he’s practicing moves in an empty gym. It’s pretty clear why, despite great results, the crutin’ services are wary of moving him up.


As well as curl, square up and hit a 3 ala Dakota Mathias. He would’ve gotten minutes last night.


And what a jump shop it was