2019 - G - Cole Bajema (Commit)

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Sounds like a candidate to possibly spend a year at a quality Prep school

He reminds me of Duncan Robinson

His style of play is much more similar to Kevin Huerter IMO. Not the same athlete, but the sort of long guard and how he looks to pass.


Certainly a plan B in my opinion, but a valuable one, and definitely a player Coach B could do an awful lot with.

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If everyone after Carton is Plan B, then I agree. This kid is obviously in the group the staff is evaluating this month and I would not be surprised if he ended up with an offer. Get him in Sanderson’s program and he could be very good.

I prefer Josh Green as a plan A target, then Rocket Watts as plan 1A, but, if we can’t get either of those, and there are those who believe we can’t or won’t, then yes, I’m all in for Bajema. I think Coach B and Jon Sanderson could help Bajema develop into a very good player. Perhaps even a great player.

Truth be told, I actually wanted Green more than DJ Carton, and I think either Green or Watts would be great fits. As I said, I think Bajema is a valuable option but I like the other two better. Green and Watts would be plan A’s for me. But as I always say, what do I know? I’ll be happy with whoever Coach B and the staff prioritize, especially if they fit our program and come to Michigan.

It sounds as if Bajema is playing really well out west and is “blowing up.” I know we’re watching him closely. Ain’t recruiting fun! :grinning:

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I am sure he could improve his strength, but given his body, how much can he bulk up? Caris LeVert maybe?

His body could still change and fill out. Caris entered at 6’5" and left at 6’7".

Growing 2 inches in itself, doesn’t make you stronger or add bulk. You could just end up a taller skinny kid.

Wanted to pull some video here just because there isn’t a lot out there about Bajema.

Goal will be to hopefully do something similar to this for any prospects who visit or receive offers in the next few weeks with the caveat that sometimes video can be an issue. For example, I’m short on footage of Harlond Beverly this summer which makes it more difficult.


Once again, thanks for the video and scouting breakdown! It is great! I would not mind one bit if we offered Bajema and he accepted. My first thought was that he would be a really nice 4-year type player, who would definitely see the court a lot, and was under-recruited, similar to Duncan Robinson or Abdur-Rahkman, to go along with some of the potential early NBA departure-types we’ve recruited the past couple classes. On the other hand, with some Camp Sanderson and some swag, who knows if he’ll last 4 years. I wouldn’t project he’d be an early entry, but wouldn’t be too surprised if he was.

He looks good in the Clips but that doesn’t look like much in the way of elite competition. I like his game and skill set though. Will the coaches get a chance to evaluate him against higher level comp at all this summer? I imagine he doesn’t play great high school competition either.

I’m not surprised he’s picking up more mid major west coast offers but has a school like Gonzaga looked at him at all?

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This youngin’ Worked out fine