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Can’t believe how many people think redshirting in basketball is a thing. Very few players redshirt without an injury. It’s extremely rare that a player will still be around for a fifth year at your program, which is the only scenario where you even get anything out of the redshirt. Typically if you aren’t good enough to play early, you’re probably not good enough to make the 5th year preferable instead of having the scholarship for a young top prospect.


What Beilein will tell the guys when there is a plan for them to redshirt is, “The plan is for you to redshirt but we will have you dress for games, just in case something crazy happens with injuries. If nothing happens, we will apply for a redshirt.”

That is specifically what he told one of his former players at WVU (I was there for the conversation). Player ended up being a solid contributor for Huggins.


Assuming what you say is true. Been doing this message board thing for a long time and haven’t once referred to another poster on a message board, let alone acted like I knew their business. It’s a personality I will never understand nor emulate. After all the single thing we have in common is a favor for UM sports. And that’s all I’m interested in talking about with strangers.

I will just say this, I’ve never lost contact with the program. Know less than some, more than others. Is what it is.


Probably true. Unfortunate, yet true. I make it a point to discourage conversations about other sites on 247, especially negative ones. First the info is premium. Second, if you’ve got something to say, man up and say it to that person you want to speak of or at least in a common venue. The boards do a really good job of revealing those that really know their stuff, and cowards.

This board finds a way to avoid the petty conversations. Dylan has done a good job of setting the tone.


Ehhhhhhhhh, don’t know if @umhoops would 100% agree with that😉


Appreciate the response Dot ,thanks


Ha. How about this, I’ve discerned fewer buttwipes on this board than elsewhere.

And that’s a good thing.


15 minutes a season not game


Limited tape but he looks more advanced offensively than Caris at same point. At least that is my memory…


Don’t recall seeing video of Caris during the summer before senior year. We weren’t recruiting him, just picked him up in the spring as a very late get.


I don’t understand why so many people would be against redshirting. I think red shirting can be a positive move for both the player and the program in certain situations. I think in a healthy program one or two scholarships should be treated as “gamble scholarships” given to guys that might have the skills but that are late-bloomers in terms of physical growth. If a guy like Caris started puberty even at an average age what are the odds we would have landed him? We would have been competing for Caris against every big-time program around, if Caris had growth spurts at a normal age…In a way high school basketball is full of illusion. Kids that are starting puberty in their sophmore year are competing against kids who have finished puberty by their Freshman year…


Weird that you cited Caris LeVert in your argument for redshirting.


How so? Caris could have redshirted and would have been almost the same player he ended up being at the end of his 3 years.

If Caris redshirted himself by staying in high school for an extra year we would have been fighting against other programs to get him.


Caris didn’t redshirt and ended up playing rotation minutes down the stretch for a Final Four team. I’d argue those minutes were critical to his development as a sophomore.

Caris also never would have made it to a redshirt 5th year as he should have been gone from school after 3 years, not 5, if he didn’t get hurt.


Does the timing of Levert’s departure matter [edit]? I don’t get the logic.

The gamble scholarships, I propose as a good thing for a player and a healthy program, are not given to necessarily get to the 5th year. They are given because there are biological reasons that it is smart to give a player an extra year, or two, to develop into something very valuable.


I’m fine gambling on future production and using scholarships on younger players or late-bloomers, I just don’t think that a RS is always necessary other than injury.

For example, I don’t have a problem with Eli Brooks or Ibi Watson not redshirting as freshmen despite the fact that they didn’t really crack the rotation.


We might not be too far off in our thinking, as I also think we should burn redshirts if a redshirt player can actually help out. Lots of situations where a redshirt can be beneficial to the program and player, however, that do not include injury, imo.

Redshirting is just another tool for specific situations, imo.


And they were critical for the team’s success. I don’t think we beat Syracuse in the Final Four without some big plays from him.

Before the start of that season, one of the assistant coaches said he was one of the five best players on the team. They wanted to redshirt him, but ultimately decided he needed to play because he was too good.


I see a bit of both Stauskas and Caris in Cole. Caris in terms of lankiness and more shooting-wise than Stauskas, but I see Nik in Cole’s drives to the basket and passing. Just in terms of how smooth he is as a player.

As for the redshirt debate, I don’t think it’s really something to have, in my opinion, in this era of the college game where the grad transfer is so prevalent. When’s the last time Michigan has had a traditional five-year (sit year one, play two through five) scholarship player? If it’s being discussed as a way to get another year out of the player, I will almost always disagree because I’d rather have a player see game time and get something out of it (i.e., Moe his freshman year) than err on the side of caution and still only have a player for three basketball seasons.


There is a big difference between: 1) an argument for red-shirting Caris Levert (I am not making that argument); and b) using Caris Levert, as an example of someone who fits the type of player that can be categorized as a late bloomer, in an argument for a possible advantage (for the player and program) gained by identifying and redshirt tracking one or two late bloomers types per four year cycle.

I see redshirting as a scheme that could be beneficial less in terms of getting a 5th year out of a player, moreso as a scheme for landing, with little competition, would be elite recruits–if not for the late onset of puberty.