2019 - G - Cole Bajema (Commit)


This is on the money, other than injury. If someone is redshirting the odds are that they are going to be playing their 5th year somewhere else. If they are going to be playing their fifth year somewhere else, there’s a good chance that they’d be better off using their redshirt year to transfer somewhere earlier.


Was it the freshman that was starting for us at point guard during the Maui Invitational? Lol. I still look back and laugh at the point guard situation early last season and then I remember that they somehow went onto play in the national championship. Fun stuff.


The team was about to head nowhere fast until Zavier stepped up. But I don’t see it as a wasted year for Brooks. He knows what to expect now and if he took care of business during the of season its time to show and tell because DeJulius I think knows how to play point guard and his handle is on point (no pun intended).



Thanks guys…wow, better handle than I expected. Any idea on his wing span?


I tried to watch a few games from that top 100 camp and the level of play was not all that high. Some very good players were there, but more of a glorified open run. Still some good footage but take it FWIW.


This is an interesting highlight. The reason I say this, you can see Cole’s confidence at a sky high level. He’s playing a confidence that you see from a high level guy.


Bajema almost certainly won’t RS. If he did, as Coach Beilein has said many times, it would be to give heightened emphasis to physical development.


If they are going to be playing their fifth year somewhere else, there’s a good chance that they’d be better off using their redshirt year to transfer somewhere earlier.

I would disagree with this statement on two counts. First, you don’t always know up front if you are going to get the 5th year or not. If through attrition, UM finds itself short at that position, they may very well extend the 5th year to fill out the roster. It is the same reason they go looking for 5th year grad transfers. Secondly, a player may value the UM degree and be willing to get it before transferring somewhere for his 5th year to play.


With only 13 scholarships, there’s not a lot of (any?) room on the roster for someone who isn’t going to contribute and is just sticking it out for a degree. There are two sides of the equation there.


I don’t understand your point. Are you saying Beilein should tell guys that he recruited that they should move on before their first four years are up? And don’t you think that some guys take longer to develope than others, especially bigs.


My point is just that many players who have redshirted at Michigan have ended up transferring (Bielfeldt, Donnal) for their redshirt year. The two notable redshirts who didn’t transfer RS’d due to injury (Morgan, Wilson – I’ll buy that Wilson was more strategic) or others obviously due to their transfer year.

I’d agree that center is the one position where you could sell me on the benefit of RS’ing, but I’d prefer the Moe Wagner track just because I think that experience is worth it. The question becomes whether a 5th year from a guy who isn’t ready to play as a freshman going to be more enticing than an open scholarship in 4 years.

There are conversations between Beilein and players at the end of every year and sometimes those are tough conversations that result in a transfer. If a kid can’t make it at this level and doesn’t really show any signs of cracking the rotation even after a redshirt, odds are that he’ll transfer before his 5th year. That’s just how things end up working out.


Jon Horford had a starting job ready for him and he still used his 5th year elsewhere


Has Michigan had any redshirt players transfer prior to their 5th year under Beilein? There may have been some, but I can’t recall any. Bielefelt, Donnal Horford, Spike went in their 5th year. Chatman, Watson, Dawkins, Dole didn’t redshirt as I recall.


Using the redshirt year as a freshman makes it more difficult to transfer until you graduate, which is another reason that redshirting a player who might not be ready to play (and maybe never is) is not necessarily ideal as you end up more likely to have to ride out the scholarship.


I’d agree that it’s better for the athlete to not use the redshirt so they can use it while transferring if they have to.

On the team side, I think it makes sense to redshirt someone like Nunez (maybe not for us this year since we are low on 2 guards). He’s a dude whose best case projects to a Dakota Mathias type. He’s not gonna leave early for the NBA and if he only plays 15 minutes this year, I think that 5th year is more valuable.

But of course, it’s worse for him if he ends up transferring because then he wastes a year on the transfer.


I think Beilein has moved beyond recruiting guys that he thinks will need a redshirt season, with the exception of centers. I think every player in the 2018 and 2019 classes will play as freshmen. Unfortunately, some will likely see meager minutes.


15 minutes a game? If someone plays 15 a game off the bench he’s in your top 8-9, def shouldn’t redshirt. Nunez for example this year if he isn’t getting consistently 5-10 a game then you redshirt him imo.

The 2-3 spot when Cole is a frosh could be super tough to get me muted at. I’d redshirt him rather than blow a year on a guy who might not get any meaningful minutes. I don’t see Poole leaving. Even if Eli doesn’t play his away into spot combo more utes and he leaves then that’s still

Dejulius ( spot 2 next to z )

All guys who could ge minutes at the 2-3,. Wilson , johns , ignas could get some spot 4 or maybe even spot 5 for johns in our version of a death lineup but mainly 2-3 and 4. Two yea A year from now I’d picture Poole getting 30-32 at the 2 and ignas getting 25/30 at the three. On the high end that’s 25 minutes up for grabs.

Imo dejulius will steal those 8 at the 2 next to z in a small ball dual pg lineup with dejulius using his skillset to fire away. Then I see johns getting at least 10’a game at sf. Backing ignas. That leaves 5 min at most for Nunez or Wilson/ Cole. I see Wilson as more ready and Nunez def will be readier after his prep year / year this year ( I want Nunez to redshirt too this yea if possible).

Long story short I see Cole as ibi two years ago at best , Ie run in blowouts. I’d love to see Nunez and Cole redshirt the next two Years. Also I expect Eli to step up this year and shoot better, so those minutes might not even exist. I like coles game but when I watch him and watch Nunez i think Nunez looks better even. Now I haven’t seen the paywall vids so I’m
Going off old stuff from when he was a 2 star. The video that was as above from the top. 100 camp ( out west right) he looks solid but some things of that d and talent guarding him was god awful. I’m shocked the one white kid wearing like 133 I think with brown hair in the first couple vids is a top 100 kid out west. That can’t be accurate. Nunez had much better combo in nyc and looked great.

I like the signing and I too hit a 6 inch growth spurt from 15-16 so I get the late bloomer thing , having a pg skill set then waking my up at 64 I’m my case is a huge advantage. Once he figures out how to use it and occasionally play it against 2’s ( looks like he does already) it will be awesome. That said I think that year could be huge. I’ll tske 5th year Davis, Nunez, Cole over most too 100 kids all day .


Dot, appreciate your insight. Any idea why some on the Rivals board suggest you have lost your contacts with the program? Just trying to figure out what is up with some of those posters. They like to state that your only source was Ramsey…


It’s prob because he switched allegiances. Maybe best not to stir the pot here.