2019 - G - Cole Anthony


I’d actually say Poole, Johns, and Iggy might give us better spacing, not worse.

We’ll see how it works out.


You’d be in the minority in that assessment.


If Johns were at the 5 and Iggy were at the 4 it would be similar spacing to last year. But if it’s Johns and Iggy at 3 and 4 then that is probably not better spacing.


With as much pick and roll Beilein has put in his offense, especially early, there is no reason why he wouldn’t the see the floor/start/finish a ton as a freshman. Anthony is a stud. It could as simple as Anthony playing a ton on the ball on offense and Simpson covering the other team’s point guard. It’s not like they couldn’t play together.




I am going to go out on a limb and guess that he will be at Duke for a visit very soon too


Just now got around to watching Cole Anthony video for the first time. Put me in the “there is no way in hell Cole Anthony would not be our starting pg” camp.


Johns at 5?


what is our chance of getting an official?



With limited info I’m weighing in just to say if (he won’t) Cole Anthony comes to U of M (he won’t) he starts pretty much every game. There will be an opening at the 2 or 3 spot in the lineup (we think). The consensus number 1 recruit is taking that spot or forcing it at the 1.


Last week, Corey Evans prefaced it by saying the Anthony recruitment is wide open and no one really knows where he is headed but that the 3 schools most talked about recently were Oregon, Michigan and duke.