2019 - G - Austin Crowley (Former Target)



Big fan of this kid but have my doubts about recruiting a Mississippi kid, biggest recruiting cesspool in the country


Yaklich started following him on Twitter this weekend… really like this kid’s game and size… it would be nice if Michigan can become a serious player for him


My preference as among the remains targets.


over mcdaniels? or you think we have no chance there


I don’t think UM has even a decent shot at McDaniels.


I’m sure he means realistic targets, rather than Anthony and McDaniels


That is correct.


I like his game a lot, but also see a lot for JB to take and mold and turn into a great player.



Count me in as a Crowley fan!


Haven’t watched a ton but from what I’ve seen I’m puzzled he’s not ranked higher. Maybe his stats and consistency isn’t there? Off highlights he looks great


FWIW MattD has evaluated him in person and is on the record for not being a huge fan of him for the JB system. It sounds like he also struggles against legit competition as well.

I still think the kid has some tools but those sound like good warning flags to me


Well, MattD has offered a negative opinion about several UM recruits, and he’s often been wrong. Wagner, Wilson and Johns immediately come to mind. Of course we’ll have to wait and see with Johns, but two years ago MattD thought he was vastly overrated and not that good.


He changed his tune on johns since last summer


For sure Matt has had his misses. He has seen the kid play live and I was just relaying the impressions. This wasn’t about Matt, it was about someone who is in the business watching him live as a piece of the overall impression of the Crowley.


I don’t really see the need to make this personal. The fact is that apparently Matt has seen him in person and offered an opinion. That’s just that, his opinion on Crowley and a data point.

The fact that he’s seen him live is a valuable data point. It also doesn’t mean that he’s the only one who can be right about him. The fact that you’ve disagreed with some of his previous thoughts is a data point. It also doesn’t mean he’s always wrong and his info is worthless.

I tend to agree with some of the thoughts after watching Crowley’s EYBL film as I said above. I don’t put much weight in a showcase highlight film.

Film is in the story we did on Crowley FYI.


Do you prefer Crowley or Bajema for Michigan? And if they are close, any thoughts on why Bajema has flown so far under the radar with the recruiting services? His film looks good. Just curious as to what I’m missing.


@adamsmit86 Posted some quick thoughts here on subscriber board: https://forum.umhoops.com/t/some-thoughts-on-cole-bajema/3908


Agree with this and think 123 composite is probably about right BUT I think Crowley has a ton of potential. I could be way off, but based on the EYBL clips and MattD’s observation that he struggles against good comp, I think Crowley could probably use a few things: (1) boost of confidence, (2) ball in his hands more…let him learn from some mistakes, (3) strength program. I’m hoping his role changes in AAU so we can evaluate him better.