2019 - G - Austin Crowley (Former Target)


That’s fair.

For me, it’s not only the misses on our guys, but he was absolutely insistent we were making a huge mistake by not offering Greg Elliott and thought we would really regret not getting Jamal Cain. So far, not so much. To be fair, it’s too early to draw any final conclusions about either guy, and it’s also not clear Eli Brooks is a better player.

He was right that Donny Tillman is a good player. I don’t know that I would rather have him over Livers, but he’s a good player nonetheless.

Devon Daniels was talented but obviously had character issues. Damien Jefferson is not special so far. JuJuan Johnson was not a big deal. It appears Steve Pearson is not a Michigan level recruit, but I admit I loved his highlights from a few years ago.

At the end of the day, though, if our staff likes a player enough to offer, I’ll take their track record over MattD’s.


Well sure, it would be crazy to keep thinking Johns wasn’t good after awhile. But when MattD thought he was vastly overrated, our staff was busy recruiting him hard. If they had jumped in for the first time last summer - after it was obvious he was good - their chances of getting him would have been far worse, maybe nonexistent.


This is exactly my point. Essentially, you want to re-litigate old discussions or opinions on the board instead of talking about Austin Crowley and what you like from his film or don’t like, etc. I don’t see Crowley’s name mentioned at all in your post :wink:

No one is saying take person X’s opinion over the staff’s opinion. We are just discussing a prospect who hasn’t been offered (i.e. we don’t know the staff’s full opinion) and how he’d fit at Michigan.


Fair point. For the record, I like Crowley and think he’s underrated. I’d be happy to take him if Watts and Beverly aren’t realistic options.


I like Crowley seems athletic and long. Handle still a question mark until more film against comp. Prefer Rocket Watts by a long shot at this point. Beverly seems to be a better play maker where as Crowley a better shooter.