2018 - Transfer - Dachon Burke

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Manny Harris-ish from the video above. Same frame, not quite as explosive. Here’s a look at his profile and stats http://rmucolonials.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=6134

Have to feel for guys like Andy Toole (Robert Morris’ coach). Robert Morris is basically a junior college. Guys blow up and then they transfer. Mt. St. Mary’s in MD is the same way.

Interesting. Not sure how keen I am about a non-grad transfer. I’m all aboard the grad transfer train if Ibi leaves but would rather have the extra 2019 scholarship if not. They are in on some talented 2019 recruits and a regular transfer would take a spot


I like our 2019 recruits to the extent that I would be rather disappointed to miss out on any for Burke.

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I feel you on that, but he is pretty sick off those highlights… Anybody think he is very MAARish game wise?

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I had the same thought only a few plays into the highlight video.

Seems like the staff has been doing the same thing the last few years. Kick a few tires and hedge a few bets. I’d also rather swing for the fences in 2019.

Now we have room to actually accept a 2019 commitment. Who wants it?

I don’t think Michigan would have not accepted a 2019 commitment.

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I think it’s a pretty safe bet that 2019 will be a 2 or 3 player class…

Agree. Probably ends up at 3. But a non grad transfer would count against that.


But this means they would now accept two, no?

I’ve seen people say that there has currently been a commit freeze for months.

I think the way our scholarship situation was lined up at the time Beilein couldn’t do anymore than over sign by one for next year without looking like he was counting on significant attrition. It wouldn’t have been a good look.

But now we can accept one (or two) without this board blowing up about who is going to transfer out.


How do you figure? Assuming Moe goes, we’re still only 1 under the limit. Matthews next year? Still need one more.

He’s probably thinking along the lines of either Poole blowing up next season and leaving for the NBA or someone buried on the depth chart transferring for PT reasons.

A million things could happen such as, in no order of likelihood:
Teske goes pro
Matthews goes pro
Iggy goes pro
Poole goes pro.
Davis either goes pro or gets beat out by Castleton
Johns gets home sick for East Lansing
Livers gets drafted by Tigers
Nunez is Ray Allen
DeJulius is one and done.
Castleton is Dirk +++
Brooks rolls his eyes one to many times at Beilein
Simpson decides to play RB for Harb’s

I’ll finish up later


Z is more of a pocket sized viper than RB I think.

Z would probably make an excellent cornerback.