2018 - Transfer - Dachon Burke


We prefer them long armed and around 6’3". Like some teams prefer their point guards.


That was the compare that immediately came to my mind.


I really don’t see Livers being one of the Tigers 40 or 50 draft picks but put another 25 or 30 pounds on him and we might have the next Antonio Gates!


I want the lions to add jae’sean Tate so badly.


Unrelated, but not really. I am really disappointed we didn’t shake the tree on Joe Cremo from Suny Albany. Grad transfer who graduated early. Would have been a perfect fit for us imo. Great shooter, great all around offensive game. High IQ, very skilled, below avg athlete, but not bad enough to hinder him obviously since he had three great years there.

Seemed like a perfect Beilein kid. Wondering if we did reach out and he wasn’t interested? Tons of high major interest including Duke so far… seems like a perfect fit all around.


How does he compare to Jeenathan Williams? Better or worse?


Williams has more potential but cremo did it in college , so… up in the air!


Wow, I can’t imagine bigger praise from anyone :wink:



Nebraska is the king of transfers




Not a bad transfer option when you think about it - passionate fans, a coach that most seem to like, and low odds of having incoming recruiting classes that will immediately take minutes from you. If the goal is to play in a power conference, I’d think they’re one of the more attractive options out there.


Nebraska fans are starting to get antsy with Miles. He’s as likable as they come but their flop against Michigan in the BTT seemed to really raise the angst level in Lincoln. Granted, many will probably not care once football season begins (especially if Frost has a good first season) but you have to wonder if the Huskers miss the NCAA Tournament again if Miles will survive.


If they can’t make the NCAA tournament with this team, they really should fire him. I like Miles, but being a consistent NIT team isn’t worth keeping around.


Hardly a shock that some message board nervous nellies are ready to send Miles packing.


Nebraska… who is historically bad at basketball… just went 22-11 with 13 Big Ten wins. They do have incredible new facilities and a great home court advantage so some may believe they should be recruiting better, but Miles has done a very solid job.

Good transfer pick up with Burke by Miles.


I think their earlier win against us gave them some fool’s gold that many (at least online, that I saw without going looking for it) let fill them up with pride enough to start trash talking Michigan. The comedown was embarrassing for them.


I guess I don’t see much difference being a really bad team, and the best team that never makes the tournament as far as fan enjoyment. There’s a little bit of difference there sure, but I’d rather take the risk on a new coach.


they should make the tourney next year. Palmer, Copeland, roby and Winston are all high quality players.


The way Michigan finished the season should have tempered Husker fans disappointment with that loss. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked at the time.