2018 Recruiting Notes


Is that the 247 composite or their actual rankings? Last I saw, their rankings had Iggy #40

EDIT: I checked and these are the 247 rankings -

#40 Iggy
#81 Castleton
#107 Johns
#124 DeJulius
#180 Nunez

Johns is criminally underrated on 247


Michigan is 8th in the composite rankings. Likely will finish there with only a few uncommitted prospects left. Would tie the 2012 class for the highest rated Michigan recruiting class on the composite. I imagine that that recruiting ranking would also likely cement Michigan as the preseason B10 favorite.


How’d that work out for Michigan State last year? We are young, folks may want to temper expectations.


I mean…MSU won the regular season Big Ten title last year.


I trust that Beilein won’t play Teske at PF.


True, but flamed out of the post season. I guess my point is really about post season expectations.


Maryland is ranked one spot ahead of us at #7. Wouldn’t that cement them as the preseason favorite?

I notice that we are the only team in the top ten without a 5 star player in the class.


Due to some bad decisions by recruiting sites, Ignas is criminally underrated in the composite ranking.

He’s a 5* without question imo.


Well, Maryland also missed the NIT last year.


Is the assumption that Fernando and Justin Jackson will come back to school? With those two back plus Cowan, Huerter and their imcoming recruiting class, they could be really good. However, I think it’s far from a lock they both come back.


Jackson already announced he’s leaving with an agent.


Yeah Jackson is gone. Fernando is up in the air. He has a shot at getting a late 1st grade.


And Michigan loses at least 3 of their top 6 players.



I wouldn’t call it a “bad decision” per se (which makes it sound like a rating mistake), but Iggy is a 5* to Rivals without a numerical ranking (because he’s int’l), which the numerical composite doesn’t know how to deal with. Even if you conservatively assume he is the lowest ranked 5*, he’d be #30, and his composite would be higher. It’s just one of those things.


Maryland is losing 3 of their top 7 and there’s a good chance that they are losing Fernando as well.


I get the that Maryland has returning and incoming talent, but has a Mark Turgeon coached team ever met some form of expectations? I would hesitate anointing them a “favorite” because of that


Please don’t compare anything UM hoops does with MSU. Our youth vs their youth is 100% different.

It’s coached different and it produces at a different level. We just have a better program.

We should be the B1G favorites next year


Plus we return Matthews and Simpson, two guys who are hardly young by today’s standards.


Who cares if we are preseason favorites next year? It often seems to be a curse (looking at you Sparty). Last year we were picked to finish 7th.
Also, it is still a little early since so many teams have key players with unknown NBA status, including Michigan.