2018 Recruiting Notes


Seems like a wing candidate would be the priority and then a 2 guard. For 2019 we seem to be well stocked in PGs and 5s with 3 each and 3 guys that can play the 4.
I would prefer a grad transfer that can play the 2 or 3 this year or save the scholarship for 2019.


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DeJulius and Castleton both with huge jumps into the Top 100 for Rivals’ final rankings. Johns rose 8 spots as well.

Also shoutout @slyboogie2 as Jeenathan Williams tied for the highest jump overall


No official stat for this, but I imagine Beilein/Michigan would be #1 for total spots recruits jump up to from commitment to the final rankings. Not just for this year either.

Based off my knowledge, the only recruit who fell a bit was McGary?


Wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve always thought that JB was as good (maybe better) of a scout as he is a coach.


Agreed and even with that, it still amazes me a lot of people (not here) don’t give him the benefit of the doubt when he identifies his recruits.


I’ll never doubt you again, Sly.


Interesting…One of the top available bigs out there not named Jordan Brown


Quite odd in my opinion. 300’s ranked guy at a position that has a log jam next year?


Makes you wonder what the pitch is. “Hey we need an extra body in practice! And if you never see the floor, well you can just transfer!”


Exactly, it’s almost setting him up for failure… A lot of the recent targets I’ve looked at as “Eh, I’d rather swing for a 2019 guy, but I’d be okay with this.” With Calloo I’d really have to dig to find a reason to genuinely like the addition.


Clearly Isaiah Livers must be declaring for the draft and hiring an agent. (Sarcasm. I think)


A big who can shoot 3 and put the ball on the floor, Beilein simply cannot walk past one without stop.


Hey it it is more fathomable than Nojel Eastern declaring


I would add that if the kid is willing to redshirt, he essentially becomes a 2019 recruit. Nothing wrong with making sure this isn’t another kid most programs overlooked.


He’s visiting Illinois soon (or just did). His stats in the adidas gauntlet were not very good. It looks like he has similar physical tools to Livers.

6.8ppg, 5.8rpg, 29.4%FG, 6-35 from 3, 54.9%FT


Nice stroke, classic stretch 4 for the offense


Eastern is just looking because he realizes there is 0% chance Painter can fix that free throw motion so he’s wondering if the scouts will have any tips for him.


ESPN 100 has Johns at 57, DeJulius at 90 and Michigan at 15.


247sports has Johns 69, Iggy 76, DeJulius 96, Castleton 123 and Nunez 203. All are 4 stars except Nunez. Michigan is 15.

Edit; This is the composit ranking.