2018 Recruiting Notes


What are some examples of other seasons where it’s been a curse to be preseason favorites? And despite schedule caveats they still won the conference. They did exactly what they were expected to do in the regular season. Hard to call it a curse when they succeeded to do what the preseason stuff is supposed to predict.


Pure speculation: I think Camp Sanderson may have done Simpson a disservice. He might have gotten too big in upper body, or at least too tight. I will be interested to see if he can come back next season a little smaller or at least more flexible, fluid. Coach Beilein talked about how they have to do extra stretching drills with Simpson. He talked about things he couldn’t fix in season, I’m hoping this is one of them, for Simpson certainly had a pull up in HS, but that part of his game completely deserted him in college. He attempted a few runners but nary a pull-up


Maryland was another I guess. I wouldn’t say MSU’s was a curse though… they won the Big Ten championship lol


Nope. Austin Davis at PF in the middle of the zone with Iggy/Johns/Livers watching from the bench though…?


MSU’s roster was the curse, not predictions.


Matthews, Simpson, Teske all upperclassman.

Brooks, Poole & Livers making their traditional Beilein Soph jump with Final Four experience.

Top 8 recruiting class with freshman physically ready to go from day one (minus Castleton from a physical standpoint).


Rankings do not matter but I was wondering if anybody can think of rational reasons why Johns would be outside the top 50. It just seems like such a no brainer to me: He is capable of scoring in every way imaginable, has very good athleticism, is long, has handles, puts up highlight dunks, can play multiple positions, guards well (I think)… He just seems to check every single box. What am I missing?


Not super aggressive offensively. A bit of a master of none in general. Upside may be limited since he’s a good but not phenomenal athlete and he hasn’t improved as much as he was expected to when he was young. He was just a solid player in EYBL. Wasn’t dominant or anything.

I can see the argument.


I am interested to see how Johns tests out athletically. I think he is being under rated as it relates to athleticism. The rating systems are all over the place with ratings and how do you rate someone you have not seen or should I say why have a rating system if you don’t take the time to see everyone you rate.


Rankings are totally irrelevant imo, and I use them. But he’s correct. These guys don’t see Johns during the season, so are basically just going off their opinion and what they read/see on social media generally. Rivals ranking of Johns is a more accurate reflection of Johns compared to the rest of the country. He wasn’t in the elite category of EYBL players, but I’d put him in that next tier below of players who were very good in the EYBL still.


Seems like Calloo is more interested than Michigan here.


Love his passion, but just seems like too much of a logjam at his position, with us also going after highly rated guys for 2019.


Yea that’s got to be tough for a kid knowing he is a high D1 level talent and not getting offered by their dream school. Hopefully he and the other kids use it as motivation going forward.


I am not sure that I can remember a kid ever being that transparent about where he would prefer to go without already being comitted. Really gotta feel for him. Definitely checks the box of “kicking down the door” to get to Michigan.


What’d we lose after last year?


The Calloo opportunity feels like bad timing, unfortunately. Really like the way he plays/ shoots though.

I thought I read Calloo visited MSU in the last week, or so. Do I have that wrong? No mention of State in that little article.


A few years ago, kids would talk this openly all the time but they’ve definitely become more media savvy and realized they could be hurting their potential for other offers.


UM’s 2018 hoops recruits boast lots of versatility, scoring