2018 Recruiting Notes


Unlike some previous years JB and his staff pivoted very nicely when some of their top targets went elsewhere. I think this is their best class since 2012.


I like the group we’ve got.
Iggy > Hunter, Carmody, Ryan
Johns > Nance, Hunter
Add Castleton and Nunez… No contest


Its all about coaching and development with this group going forward. We’ll see how that plays itself out.

I’m really interested to see how the Johns - Bingham comparison looks down the road as they mature.


Bingham is a real wildcard.


I would’ve liked Carmody at the 2 spot. Happy with the Johns and Iggy pick ups. I’m still not sure if Dejulius will be a good player for us.


Hunter might be the best pro prospect of guys that Michigan has targeted, but Johns and Iggy answer what has really been consistent issues at the four as well as any two guys they could have landed IMO.

I also don’t really buy that they pivoted off of top targets that much because Iggy and Johns were top targets for a long time. I don’t think they were secondary options at all.

Would Cormac Ryan at the two look better than Adrien Nunez? Yeah, but he wanted to be a PG. Carmody I’m not really sure on… I think Iggy kind of fills a similar role in some ways.

A lot of people seem down on DeJulius, what is the primary reasoning there?


Ryan would have had unlimited chances with the ball in his hands at M. His choice was puzzling to me.

Hunter was the best player on our board. Period.


I disagree on Hunter vs. Brazdeikis. Hunter might, and I emphasize might, be a better player in a different system, but for Michigan and Beilein, Brazdeikis was/is the best player on our board, and I said this long before either had made a decision.


How Iggy’s game translates going forward is a real question mark for me. Limited athletically, old for class, and a volume shooter extraordinaire.

Very few shots legitimately contested in EYBL.Doubtful he can take B1G defenders off the dribble consistently at next level.

You don’t have to have off the chart athleticism to produce in college, but he has question marks going forward for me.

I’m cautiously optimistic on him, but Hunter is the better player at this stage with much higher upside going forward.


Im not sure Dylan why people are down on DeJulius (im personally excited about him) but i wonder if it is because his rankings dropped rather than went up (i believe this happened but could be wrong?)


I’m not sure that Dave’s EYBL play was over inspiring to a lot of observers. Especially his passing.

He’s touted as a “great” p/r player as well as an above average shooter off the dribble. Was that consistently on display this summer?

He’ll put up monster numbers in HS this winter cause he’s gonna launch 25-30 shots a game.

Will be amazed if he plays at all as a Frosh in college. Continued development needed going forward.


He had a 46% eFG% off the dribble in EYBL which is pretty good. (Compared to college that would be around the 80th percentile).

I get the concerns about his size, but he’s definitely effective playing out of ball screens.


He was unranked when he committed, so the fact that he’s now a composite four star is a pretty drastic increase in ratings IMO.


What ever happened to Beilein preferring bigger guards to see over the defense?

I’m pretty sure he has a quote attributed to such somewhere out there.


I don’t have the same questions. Being a volume shooter isn’t a problem if you make those shots, and he has consistently done that against top level competition. No, he’s not a great athlete, but he’s strong, skilled, multi-dimensional and he finishes (with both hands!). While Hunter probably has more upside because of his athleticism, I don’t think he’s nearly as ready now, and I don’t think he fits what Beilein does as well as Brazdeikis. Don’t get me wrong–Hunter is a very good player and I’d have been very happy if he had chosen Michigan–but Iggy was always number 1 on my list from the time I first saw him on tape.

We’ll see.


I think it’s just because he’s old news now.


Which player would you like to have? Braz - A Potential Sarunas Marciulionis Clone or Hunter - a Potential Scottie Pippen Clone? Those are the two players I think of when I watch videos of those players.


I really like Dejulius. Did from the first film mattd posted. He plays strong even though he’s shorter. I remember seeing film of him posting guys up and using his body well.? I also remember seeing some film where he was more athletic than advertised. Posterized some people.

I don’t think he’s going to contribute early but he doesn’t have to. X will be the starter his frosh and sophomore year and then there is Brooks to compete and share minutes with. He will be ready to take over by his junior and senior year.


Hunter has more upside but I think iggy is the more polished player as of now. He’s not a great athlete but I don’t think he’s as limited as advertised there. He can score in a number of ways and understands how to use his body to make up for his linittaionsHe is also very skilled. I’m expecting pretty big things for him.

The last two classes have been pretty awesome. Especially when looked at as a whole. Liver, John’s, iggy at forward is an outstanding trio. I’m thrilled with that haul. Their skill sets cover all bases besides rim protection. Iggy and John’s are so versaitje and livers is a good skilled pure athletic 4. Then Brooks, Dejulius and Poole in the backcourt? Again outstanding pick ups and as a group versatile. Brooks is a great skilled combo guard and Poole is a great shooter/ pure two with great vision and solid handle. Dejulius is a solid point. I love what belein has pulled off here.

I’d prefer to hold off for Nunez as of now. I dint think a two is essential I’m 18. If it’s not Locke or someone elite I’d prefer to bank it. I like castletona upside and he gives us the one thing we’re missing in 17/18. Length and shot blocking. I think he develops into a combo big and slides to the 4 sometimes.


Locke is not elite. After MAAR leaves, the only 2 on the roster is Poole.