2018 Recruiting Notes


This is also just straight up stolen premium info, unless Sam put it up on twitter, which I doubt.

This will never change, but for the life of me, I will never understand how some people have no respect for how someone like Sam earns a living.


This wasn’t premium info (though some of Snow’s responses were). And apparently the services don’t mind so much because mgoblog’s recruiting info is essentially all stolen from subscription sites and they still have good business relationships with Lorenz and Webb? Maybe if you attribute it and don’t post everything the free advertising makes up for the breach of proprietary info…


That seemed to literally come bullet point for bullet point from one of Sam’s message board posts, but maybe I missed it being posted somewhere else as well?

Oh - maybe that specific post isn’t premium? You didn’t have to be a 247 or TMI subscriber to read it? Hard to follow with the strange, slow rollout of the merger between the sites.


The same sites that censor the name of our site when people would credit it? The horror.

Look guys, don’t outright copy and paste information that’s behind a paywall elsewhere. DO give people credit and link to stuff, in this case a free article at Scout by Sam Webb about Currie potentially decommiting (try it in incognito):



Yeah, the post wasn’t premium. I know because I clicked on it and saw it but don’t pay for Scout. Also, if you look at the tweet, it differentiates between his post and the ones from Snow with a (VIP). Most of those posts are premium though…


Updated the recruiting profiles for 2018: https://umhoops.com/recruiting/2018-recruits/

And the visit calendar: https://umhoops.com/official-visits/


Does the Currie situation seem strange to you? I am not understanding a kid fulfilling a lifelong dream (playing for M) then changing his mind a few months later. I also don’t see Coach Beilein accepting his commitment then forcing him out a few months later for another recruit.


The part that seems strange is his reclassifying when he is not projected to be a contributor right away. The rest makes sense. Beilein offered Currie as a 2019 with potential. He’s recruiting CC because he can contribute right off the bat at a position that might be very thin in 2018. Currie may love Michigan, but he’s being recruited over. His prospects look better here if CC isn’t part of the class.


Maybe Currie committed with some sort of agreement that he would be able to be a part of the 2018 class. I still don’t think it would make sense for Beilein to push that process along.

If we wanted a 2018 big at the time, we would’ve looked at the 2018 class, not someone in 2019 that could potentially reclassify.


I would have thought Currie’s commitment would have been with the understanding of Redshirting.
Maybe we can still add him but in the 2019 class and wait and see on the redshirt.


I assume this means that we intend to sign Castleton plus one of the guards on the radar. I also assume this means that we had an unpleasant conversation with Currie - asking him to re-re-classify or something.

Locke is a special shooter with some diversity to his game, I hope we can land him.


What happened with the Friday visits from Nunez and Castleton? Did they get their offers?


They just arrived yesterday.


They are on officials this weekend that started on Friday. Officials, I believe, run for a max of 48 hours.


If the class does end up/close out with Castleton and Nunez, would this not clearly be (on paper) the best class since 2012? They don’t have a top blue-chip like McGary (at the time he committed), but they again fill every position at once if they need to.

  1. DeJulius
  2. Nunez
  3. Brazdeikis
  4. Johns
  5. Castleton

Hard to not be pretty satisfied with that outcome IMO.


Yes, that’s a damn fine future lineup right there.


Add Poole Livers Brooks and that’s an incredible 2 year haul.


Remember the wish list of Nance, Hunter, Carmody, and Ryan? Seems so long ago…

Hope this group turns out to really good.!


Brandon Johns was the first guy they offered in the class. He’s been on the wish list for a while.


Out of curiosity, if you had to choose between that “wish list” to go along with DeJulius or what it appears we’re going to get to go along with DeJulius, which group would you take?