2018 Recruiting Notes


Since Beilein has been at Michigan, we have averaged 1.5 players with eligibility remaining leave the program per yer, not including grad transfers like Bielfeldt, Donnal, etc. That’s 15 players over 10 years - 8 to the NBA and 7 transferring. I think all of us are comfortable with over-signing by 1. As @MHoops1 mentioned, over-signing by 2 might not even be allowed by the B1G. With that said, I’m sure that either (a) Beilein is either planning to only accept commitments from 1 of our remaining recruits or (b) he’s prepared to accept commitments from 2 players…we may know soon enough. If it’s (b), then I’m “positive” he’s already discussed this with Currie and has discussed the possibility of asking him to either sign in the Spring (when we know there’s room) or reclassify back to '19.


When the '16 class was signed, JB had “oversigned” by one, and when asked about it said there was a plan in place. There was speculation that Davis had agreed to prep a year if it came to that, though I don’t remember it ever being confirmed. We ended up with an open slot last year. I wouldn’t worry too much about JB turning into Tom Crean all of a sudden – in addition possible NBA departures, transfers, etc., JB generally has a plan for every contingency.


1s and 5s are the spots where you need to have some back ups, because it is hard to slide someone into those spots and function at a high level. 2-4 are more interchangeable.


Except for Tyus Battle decommitting… we didn’t really have a plan for that one. I confess I will always root against that guy. He did us really wrong. Although, in the long term, I guess he did teach Coach B a lasting lesson.


I thought that it was more of his dad than the kid himself.


I agree with you, but it’s very likely there will be some transfers with immediate eligibility on the market soon. The NCAA waives their having to sit out when their school’s penalties are severe enough. How many will be eligible, good enough for us to want over the current recruits, but not good enough to declare for the draft and we could actually reel in? That’s too many unknowns for me to turn down good prospects like Locke and CC.


In this age of early NBA entries, transfers and de-commits, I would like to see the NCAA try a 3-5 year test rule that allows schools to over sign by one player every other year.

I would see it working this way: Team signs, lets say 5 new players for 2018, which puts them at 14 on scholarship for that year assuming normal graduation and no early departures. If there are no departures, the team would be one over the 13 man limit and would have to redshirt (let’s call it a blackshirt) at least one of the 5 new players so that they would still only have 13 players eligible to play. The designated blackshirt player would not be allowed to play that year under any circumstances, once the school year starts with the team one man over the limit. If a team takes advantage of this rule, they would not be allowed to over sign the following year (so you can’t just keep stock piling talent). If you over sign to the 14 limit, but someone ends up leaving early resulting in a 13 man roster, then the team could over sign again the following year.


To jump in to take a spot because you wanted to make sure you got the spot… I don’t care who influenced him after - and I’ll happily root against the whole family…

To do a guy like Coach B in that way, it just wasn’t right.

That could have gone down so many different ways and they chose the worst.


I haven’t seen anyone close to advocating a Crean cleaning, but nice try.


No, haven’t heard anything of the kind. I only note that there will probably not be enough minutes to keep Simpson, Brooks and DeJulius happy at PG for two years. And Brooks is small. Not really well suited to the 2 in a Beilein offense.


True but he did play DWalt and Simpson at the same time on occasion. Probably depends on matchups, etc.


Per Sam Webb: Sounds like Nunez is on commit watch if the visit goes well this weekend and has somewhat shut down communication with the other schools on his list.
Further, a concern around Locke appears to be a guarantee for early playing time, which he doesn’t have at Michigan but may at other schools.
It also seems possible that we hear about Taylor Currie looking around at other schools in the near future.

2018 - Wing - Adrien Nunez (Commit)

Gee, wonder where you saw that info at? At least credit Sam, sheesh.


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I really hope we hold out for Locke. Do not think Nunez will be a contributor at any point.


Beilein has a really good track record with kids he likes who are way off the radar, so while I’d prefer Locke, it makes sense to trust Beilein if that’s the way he chooses to go. Truthfully, in style and even back story, Nunez reminds me of a bigger, stronger Stu Douglass. Stu was a message board pariah, but he had a pretty good carer at Michigan.


What if Michigan isn’t leading for Locke?


Then I’d rather bank the scholly. This class is starting to get too big.


Sounds like you are getting too used to a 12 man roster. If we get Nunez, he would probably redshirt.


There is a need for a 2G in this class. Poole will be the only 2G on the roster in 2018-19. Yes, Brooks can help there and maybe Ibi develops more of a guards game by then, but with so much talent at forward, it would be a shame to be lacking in the backcourt.
They also lose Duncan so a floor spacer is needed. Nunez has great size and is on the rise and they obviously think he fits. 5 is not too big a class.