2018 Recruiting Notes


@slyboogie2 your guy is spoken for, now


I’m more worried about the 2 spot but it’s a close call. Both could be totally fine or huge question marks


Now that Ignas is on board the question I have when looking at the teams next recruiting needs is what is Livers position. Is he a wing (3) or a four going forward. If JB see’s Livers as 3 then I see Castleton as the more priority. Although I like Locke alot and want him. The Currie take is head scratching with Castleton in play.


They took Currie as a '19 in June, before Castleton blew up in July, and before they hired Yaklich who had a pre-existing relationship with Castleton at Illinois State. I don’t think it was a head scratcher at all. And don’t sleep on Currie–he’s a full year younger and less developed than Castleton and the other guys we’re recruiting, and his rankings reflect that. I saw him at the College Prep Camp–give him some time with Sanderson and IMO, he’s going to be very good.


Well then the head scratcher would be the reclassification. Although with that being said if he was a take in 19 you have to account for his scholly.


He’s going to be the next Khalil Mack of basketball.


In Michigan’s system the “3” and the “4” are the same on offense; only difference is who they guard on defense.

In this particular case, the staff has previously mentioned its belief that Livers would be able to defend opposing big forwards/"4"s. We’ll see in a few months of the staff still has a comfort level with that; his ability to defend the “4” spot will go a long way toward determining his chances for playing time this season.


Next season, too. With Johns and Iggy in the fold, wing minutes will be a hot commodity


Very true. We’ll see in a few months. And then we’ll see how much progress he can make next summer with the Camp Sanderson program.



In to see Nunez again today, any chance he gets an offer this weekend?


Yes, there’s definitely a chance. JB has been to see him twice and is bringing him in for an official.


With the potential for dozens of schools to end up under some form of implication &/or NCAA sanctions, I wonder how many people who sign in the early period will ask to be released from his LOI & allowed to sign elsewhere penalty free? And how many current student-athletes will be allowed “free-agency” to transfer anywhere penalty free ---- much like the way the NCAA handled the Baylor and Penn St football situations?


If I’m a clean recruit, I’d be calling the FBI to ask for guidance on where not to commit. Not that they’d tell you, but right now they have the best info obviously. Furthermore, we may see some recruits not sign their LOI so as not to tie their hands. Right now, waiting it out is the best policy.


Just looked at his tape again. He hit 3 NBA step back 3’s. No wonder JB likes him.


I really love northwesterns moves. I love Gaines and kopp. If we didn’t add iggy, I would have liked kopp. I love Horton too. I was very fond of our targets this year.

I think Gaines is going to be the big ten frosh of the year. I have a feeling that kid is going to be a nightmare for us over the next 4 years. Gaines and Kopp on the wings with nance at the 4 is going to make nw a contender for the near future.


Pretty good chance Anfernee Simmons(Louisville de-commit) ends up at Florida. With Locke scheduled to visit Florida this weekend, could potentially help Locke make the better decision.


I know everybody was hoping for Barrett but it looks finished. I like castleton too and I understand the position flexability and roster make up but I don’t think we need a big per say. We have teske and Davis at the 5. Currie as well.

Johns and livers are our 4 and iggy can slide there as well. I believe iggy is a pure 3 though. I personally like Horton-Tate’s game. I’d prefer to add him or Locke. Lockes shooting makes sense kinda with the current make up. Surprisingly we might need shooting. Although iggy and Tate have similar games I think we may want that. Having both would be a good change for once. Multiple slashers/ creators.


No rim protection on the roster at all. Castleton provides that.

Locke is a luxury add. Similar to Brooks and Poole.


With Underwoods former assistant implicated and the fairly new rule whereby past indiscretions follow the coach, Castletons final list might be actually one now. Us. If he lands an offer and I was in his shoes, I would be thanking and accepting within seconds.