2018 Recruiting Notes


Looks smooth and athletic, good shot, vision and defensive instincts. Kinda makes you wonder why he wasn’t interested before.


Judging by his 247 page, which lists him at both 6-6 SG and 6-2 PG, he had a recent growth spurt. Classic late bloomer, perhaps.

Also, our buddies at endless motor have a feature on him.


Signed, D.J. Wilson.


I mean, yeah sometimes people should do that. But it’s not universal. Go to the place that’s the best fit for you. What about guys like Caris Levert who were offered after their prep careers were over entirely? He should just go to Ohio?


Not only is this horrible advice, it’s not even always true. Ahrens for instance got his offer later than Hunter Tyler or Locke but seems to be just as high on the UM wish list. There are lots of factors that play into the timing of an offer.


In terms of build and style of game, he looks a lot like Shawn Livingston or Michael Carter Williams (I’m not saying he’s at that level exactly). I don’t know about “good shot” though. The release is low and it seems to have a funky spin. Still, with his size and vision, like Morris he could be very good in the Pick and Roll.


I was thinking Michael Carter-Williams too, I remember him from the 2013 game against Syracuse.


That is the stupidest advice I have ever heard.


That’s aggressive.


I think that statement is fair to an extent. The reason I say that is that 99% of the schools offer after seeing a player the first time they watch them play. One mid major coach told me that things have moved to offering just to prove that you are interested. I don’t think it’s fair for colleges but that’s how it has become.

Beilein is a completely different story when it comes to this. Why? He won’t offer until the full invited academic tour. He does a ton of research on the player including looking at their transcript immediately. Most coaches won’t do that because they generally don’t care about the admissions process unless their academic advisor says the kid won’t make the NCAA Clearinghouse. At just about any school, if the kid passes the Clearinghouse then he will be admitted into the school.

Last thing, if a coaching staff sees a kid the last week of the recruiting period and then does it’s research on them including seeing HS film and then seeing the academics then this statement is false.


Top 5 here


Another random. 6’10" out of Chicago


This kid is going to be very good. I’m hoping we get him.


Don’t know much about him. Have any insights? Seems like he is being underranked?


Agree. Reminds me of DJ only more aggressive.


Yaklich was recruiting him at ISU. He plans to visit (unofficial) in September.




“Michigan is the mystery one that some people won’t understand. They haven’t offered yet, but I have built a relationship with the staff. I plan on going up there in September when the head coach gets back. See the environment of Michigan. Michigan is a great school. They are a very smart school. They are all about academics which I am all for. I love the way they have made me feel. I built a relationship with the recruiting coach, Coach Luke Yaklich when he was at another school. He has shown me what Michigan is all about.”

What will he be looking for in the schools recruiting him to get those remaining visits before he makes a decision?

“I am going to let coaches know straight up for these last three officials you have to fight for it. I like all these schools, but it is who wants me the most. Where I want to go to the most. If you show me I am a priority and you really want me you can get the official. Just work hard for it.”


I really like this Conditt character but I don’t see the fit roster wise. I don’t think you take another 4/5 in 18. Do you? Maybe a 3/4 tweener but… I don’t know, I still am praying for ignas.

I really thought this would be Beleins best class early in 18 but now idk. I like johns and dejulius but I’m worried about who else is coming.



I would think this is a Plan B to Ignas.

Seems to me we take one of Locke, Tyson, Washington, Ahrens, or Kennedy. All seem like solid prospects and I can’t see us going 0-5 there.

Then we’ll save a spot for Ignas. I’m sure we would also give it to RJ Barrett, of course, but I’ll put our chances at like 5% there. This kid seems like a Plan B to Ignas. Hey, DJ Wilson was a Plan B. That worked out fine.


Conditt is intriguing to me and the kind of sleeper with upside Id be happy to pick up.