2018 Recruiting Notes


Gotta watch those 28 seed over 12 seed upsets


That is absurd.


This is really creative and something I’ve never seen before…it’s a little overboard.


Simi Shittu is now out. Down to 10 with no UM.


More news on Nembhard and UM isn’t mentioned.


Didn’t think Shittu was ever much but disappointed about Nembhard even though I questioned how he would fit.

Article below mentions interest from us for a big man who blew up in July. Doesn’t talk about Michigan prominently so you aren’t missing anything if you don’t read but found it interesting that they would still be reaching out to players at that position. Curious how this class will finish out.


Don’t really see how Nembhard would have worked out in this class with DeJulius already in the fold and X and Eli on the roster. Would you take him? Obviously, but it is a tough sell.


My thoughts exactly, mentioned that in a previous post somewhere. with David in the mix another PG is pretty much out of the question in my mind.



Good stuff Dylan. Interesting to hear a recruit explicitly mention the Jordan deal like that. Not necessarily surprising, but interesting.


I’m guessing it’s not a coincidence that he will visit a couple of weeks after the Locke official. This sets up nicely timing wise should they miss on Locke and/or Ahrens.


Funny that you completely failed to mention that he is an unranked recruit.


Funny that you’re always here to cheer us up.


I would like to think that a tenure which includes bringing the entire program back from the dead, a title appearance, 3 sweet 16’s, 2 Big Ten Titles, a Big Ten Tourney championship, and an enormous amount of lowly ranked prospects now in the NBA would give Beilein the benefit of the doubt at this point.


In the offseason, starz are king


Way to be a Richard. As usual, you probably know next to nothing about said recruit. I have never seen someone complain about players with next to zero evaluation skills.


So was Caris Levert.


Beilein now showing interest in Tyrese Haliburton. Tall guard out of Wisconsin



Or, go to the school that is the best fit, best opportunity for you.