2018 Recruiting Notes


Some of it could be a function of a change in the assistant coaches — former staff members had their contacts and prospects they viewed positively, new staff members have different contacts, different live viewings, and different prospects with whom they’re enamoured?


Name we have seen before briefly, after recent offers who knows.


He was offered by Illinois State…I wonder if that translates. VCU and Richmond offers as well.


Really hope we don’t push too hard for a 5 person class at this point. I’d much rather wait it out and leave maybe an extra spot for 2019 than keep throwing around offers to lower ranked guys.


I feel like people say this all the time, but when was the last time UM used all 13 scholarships?


2009/10 I think.

  1. Novak
  2. Douglass
  3. Harris
  4. Morris
  5. Akunne (scholarship this season, subsequently pulled for academic reasons)
  6. Wright
  7. Vogrich
  8. Mclimans(?)
  9. Lucas-Perry
  10. Gibson
  11. Sims
  12. Cronin
  13. Morgan


Wasn’t Akunne a walk-on who was awarded scholarship later? If we’re counting that, I believe more years than no UM/Beilein have paid out 13 scholarships — great majority of those years (maybe all of those years) have been with walk-ons receiving the in-season bonus award


Yeah, Eso was a walk-on. I just mean that more often than not Michigan has been in the position to add to the roster in the spring via transfer, late signing, etc. even when it appears like there wouldn’t have been room.


Eso went to the same middle school and high school that I did. My brother and him were in the same grades and were good friends. He was recruited originally as a walk on but given a scholarship before he arrived on campus so I’d still count that (Same thing that happened to Luke Maye at UNC). He became academically ineligible at some point early in his career and lost the scholarship, but for that particular year I’m 95% sure he was on scholarship before the season.


Yeah, but being awarded a scholarship as a walk-on (similar to Dakich last year) doesn’t count against the number for all intents and purposes. That just means that Michigan was one short heading into the season and gave it to Eso, if that makes sense. That’s just like saying Michigan had 13 on scholarship last year, but really they could have added one more.


Yup, I did a bit more research. I thought he was awarded a full 4 year scholarship before he arrived and lost it due to the academic issue, but it was just a 1 year deal to begin with. Carry on.

Before that season I believe we were still on probation and only had 12 scholly’s available, so I think it’s been close to two decades since we’ve had a full 13 officially.


@wolverheel my high school played at Gabriel Richard Eso’s senior year…I was a sophomore at the time. We were coming off a state title the year before and the dude just dominated us en route to a triple double and a 20 point blowout.


New poster here, been reading the forum for a while though. I heard JB is showing some interest in Keonte Kennedy, 6’4" off guard from Austin, Texas. Same guy told me Kennedy really wants the Michigan offer and would most likely jump on it pretty quick. Dylan or anyone else in the know, have you heard this kid’s name? Maybe next in line if Washington goes elsewhere? Seemed odd as JB has offered a few guys with similar profiles recently. Same AAU team as recent visitor Tyrese Maxey by the way.


Kennedy seems to be trending upward and getting more offers. I don’t think Washington factors in this. I think it’s more a question of whether they want to wait until after the visit from Locke in September to make a decision about Kennedy or think he’s too good to pass on.


Yep, we’ll hopefully have something on Kennedy soon. There is Michigan interest there and similar to Washington, Ahrens, etc. I think it stems from a very good July.


Here’s some quick videos found online. Looks to have a nice shot and shows some athleticism.



Nice looking shot with some athletic ability.

The way the offers have gone out recently safe to say JB is still looking for a shooter then a forward/wing who is a bit more of a scorer (ie; Iggy). Who would be the backup plan to Iggy?


He is definitely not a back-up plan to Iggy, but Barrett certainly qualifies as another wing/forward that we are pursuing. People can say that we arent going to get him all that they want and they are probably correct, but we are going to get an official visit, probably offer and try to land him.

Also, if I can be overly optimistic, I think that it says something that about the guys that we pursuing for the wing/forward position. After we got shut down for Hunter, the only other candidate than Iggy that I have been hearing about is Barrett. Reading the tea leaves that may mean that our staff feels pretty good about our status. Conversely, it seems like we are casting a wide net for the 2-guard and hoping to grab someone somewhere along the lines


They just offered Ahrens and have an offer out to Tyson. Both project as SF. Barrett, on the other hand, can play the 2 or 3. They doesn’t necessarily change your pint about Iggy, but they have 2s and 3s with offers.


Another wing target Landers Nolley, guy I have been hoping we get after. Creative way to announce, got to beat out Illinois who it seems thinks they have a good chance at getting him.