2018 Recruiting Notes


His comments when he confirmed he was returning suggested it will take a pretty sure, no DLeague promise to leave without his degree.


Looks like we have new interest in a shooting guard prospect from North Carolina, who had a huge weekend: http://endlessmotor.net/2017/07/16/rising-2018-guard-nate-hinton-discusses-breakout-july-high-major-offers-pile/



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Didn’t make the cut for Jake Forrester

2018 top-150 @PSACardinals forward Jake Forrester is down to a final eight of Indiana, Seton Hall, Pitt, ND, GTech, Xavier, VTech & VCU

— Corey Evans (@coreyevans_10) July 29, 2017


I never thought we were really involved with him, and certainly not after Johns committed.


Dylan or anyone else, how does Nembhard fit as a PG in 18 with David in the same class, X and Eli already on campus? Obviously bigger than the others but got to think it is a tough sell.


I would love Nembhard but I don’t think there’s any way we could sell him on that roster unless a miracle package deal with Barrett started forming



It would be some coup if we could snag Nembhard.


TBH, I doubt he is scared of the PG competition we would have for him. In 2018, we’re probably going to bring back 0 guards with any starting experience.


Good point @ReegsShannon , I do think I’ve always overvalued how much recruits may look at our potential roster. I still feel like we were missing out on some wing prospects a few years ago because they looked at our lineup and saw stauskas Levert and Irvin as big minutes eaters before Nik went pro.

But I’m also extremely high on Poole to the point that I think he takes the bulk of the 2G minutes by 2018 and that would leave 3 guys (albeit guys who may not have many combined returning minutes) for Nembhard to beat out for one spot. And I don’t think it’s too big of an optimistic stretch to think X could be a high-quality starting PG by his third year.


Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Poole was taking the bulk of the 2G minutes by the end of this season. I don’t expect it, but it would not surprise me. He may be our best outside scoring threat.



Typical JB recruit, saw another article that said he was planning on visiting us.

My hope is we are in on Hinton’s teammate Landers Nolley and hope Coach Yaklich has a conection with Zion Griffin from Ilinois who blew up in July.


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What is happening with all these JB offers!!


That’s what I’m saying, this is unreal!