2018 Recruiting Notes


Ranking does not matter as much to Beilein as to others. Out of 6 players Beilein put into 1st round NBA draft, five were 3 stars or at the best borderline 4 stars: Trey, THJr, Nik, Levert, DJ.


I think the classes are pretty similar now. Just on those rankings, Johns and Bingham are virtually identical, Loyer is higher than DeJulius, but both are mi/bottom 4* guys who combine very good production with questions about “measurables” at the next level, and while Currie just reclassified less than 2 weeks ago, he is generally regarded as similar to Kithier. in terms of likely potential and performance. They have Brown (who we didn’t offer). If we get any one of the four you mentioned other than Tyson, our class will be viewed as about the same (maybe better if we get Iggy or Hunter) than theirs, assuming no other additions or any subtractions by either team. If we get two…

None of this really matters of course. They have a good class. We have a good class. There are no 5* guys, or even guys who are consensus top 40s, but 6 of the 7 are 4* players and the seventh, as noted, just reclassified. Both coaches got guys who fit what they like to do.


Loyer is the only guy in their class I really wish we could have landed but I get the Fife connections. He seems so opposite of an Izzo point guard though I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

But then again the only guy in our class Id be kicking myself about it I’m a Sparty fan is Johns, and that’s just because he grew up in their backyard.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, everything changes if we land Hunter + one more


I haven’t checked the ins and outs of Sparty’s scholarship situation, but I assume they are planning on adding another player when the scholly from Bridges opens up, no? I have to assume that MB is gone, and maybe its time they get stung with some NBA attrition too with the last 2 classes they’ve had? All this to say that they will have spots open up to swing for the fences on some studs - and they’re probably in a better position to land one than we are. :worried:


fwiw, rivals has a message board thread to have questions answered about their top 150 rankings. I asked specifically where Brazdeikis would be ranked if rivals ranked foreign players. Eric Bossi of rivals responded “I would think in the top 35’ish range.”


Michigan poked around here, but another commit for OSU.



What could he do with more talent?


OSU wasnt even in his top 8. I guess coach had more to do with it than anything (Butler was in the top 8)



Hell with it. I’m dreaming big from now on.


Washington called Michigan one of the blue bloods.


Well at this point I don’t think anyone can complain that Beilein doesn’t go after top guys…


Dont know if MattD is calling his shot here but the article that EndlessMotor had on Kaden Archie at least lists Michigan as an option

and the original link


I don’t think it will matter much unless we get him on campus ASAP. I would be shocked if Tyson doesn’t drop before fall.


Just watch some of his film. This kid is clearly underrated. I feel that Beilein is much more comfortable recruiting underrated kids, to which he can pitch his track record much better. And the fact Beilein does not offer every highly ranked recruit adds to the appeal.


How likely is it that Michigan goes after a grad transfer next spring with the likelihood of having no seniors on the roster next year? Robinson, Abdur-Rahkman and Simmons are all gone and Wagner is probably headed in the draft.


Hard to say right now because there’s so much uncertainty on the current roster. Depends who plays well this year, who struggles and who comes back.


Although experienced seniors are nice, the seniorless rotation of Burke, Stauskus, Hardaway, Robinson, McGary/Morgan and caris off the bench worked out alright for us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . We did have 4 seniors on the bench though (McClimans, Akunne, Bartelstein, and Vogrich). Im all in favor of having more experience but as long as we have the talent we should be OK.


The likelihood is about 14.8%.


I’m still not on board with the “Wagner is gone after next year” thing. Some people are just great college players who don’t fit that well in the pros. He’ll have to bulk up a ton before being a 5 in the NBA and with the small ball trend I highly doubt he could ever be a 4 for more than spot minutes. He doesn’t have a great wingspan, he doesn’t have natural rebounding ability, and he’s pretty bad on defense. I’m sure he’d get taken because his offensive skill set is coveted for NBA centers, but I’m definitely not convinced that he’s a surefire first rounder next draft.