2018 Recruiting Notes


I like both of them, for different reasons. It might not be practical for you to run both. Could you do a link to the other chart.


No surprise here… Probably the most potential of anyone in-state for that class, but needs a lot of time in the weight room.


I actually believe both Izzo and JB are quite happy with the last two days.


Anyone see MSU’s 18 class? Not one that really has the star power names of the last two classes. Seems a bit interesting to me are any instant impact guys?

Foster Loyer
Gabe Brown
Marcus Bingham
Thomas Kithier


No “instant” impact guys IMO, but two years in for Gabe and Bingham could be pretty nasty


Agreed. That class could really support an elite one-and-done in two years for a really scary team.


We’ll see how Izzo’s “developmental” skills pan out with this class. All four year guys from in-state. Interesting.


Yea the comparison of our 2018 class to States will be really interesting. There were some overlapping targets and some guys that the other schools passed on but the two classes could end up ranked about the same. Seeing how they all develop in the differing systems will be fascinating.


Ill still take DeJulius, Johns & Currie


Bazley to Syracuse. I really don’t like OSU but still hate to see this kid go to Syracuse.


Who would you guess gets Mr. Basketball in Michigan HS ball next year? My pre-season favorite would be Johns.


Johns, but if he heads out of state, Loyer.


Notre Dame gets Goodwin after Carmody commit. Brey did some sales job there.


New Rivals 2018 Rankings



Johns 58, DeJulius 117, Currie Unranked

Hunter 48, Locke 73, Anderson 101, Thompson 121, Brazdeikis unranked, Tyson unranked


Rivals is the one that refuses to rank international prospects, right?


Yes. They give him a star ranking–4 stars, which would put him somewhere between 25 and 120–but won’t put him in the rankings. I think their guys have said that he would likely be top 50 if they did put him in.


State’s recruits all in the top 100. All from in state as well. Little surprised Johns wasn’t’ the highest rated of the bunch (it’s close though). I didn’t realize Loyer was that much more highly regarded than Dave? I still like the way our class matches up.


I think if we land 2 from Hunter, Iggy, Tyson and Locke that our class will match up pretty favorably to Sparty’s class.


If we lock up 2 of those guys, I would take our class 10 times out of 10 over theirs