2018 Recruiting Notes


Committing to MSU?


according this this more likely butler/purdue.


Interesting the way in-state big-wing recruiting played out for UM and MSU over the '17 and '18 classes (so far). Basically, both teams wanted Livers and Johns and UM got both, while MSU took Tillman and Brown. Of course, MSU got Jackson so they’re doing just fine and maybe they wanted the other two guys anyway. But notable the way it played out in-state over two years and will be interesting to see how the players develop.


That would be my guess.


Updated Scholarship/Position chart


Dylan, you should add this chart to your site.


Do you really see Brooks ever getting consistent time at the 2? And I wouldn’t count on Watson getting an extra year…


We have this one…

Would you guys rather have it more like a depth chart? I have a hard time deducting how many open scholarships there are on the one in this thread.


It’s more that I had to put him somewhere and point was full.
My bad. Should have taken Watson off in '20. Edited now.


Open scholarships are tabulated on the bottom row.


Any chance Bingham has an offer we don’t know about and is beating Nance to the punch?


I’ve heard Bingham to Sparty is a done deal


I like it better your way – i.e., by year – easier to use scholarship-wise and no complications (like where to put Brooks, for instance.)

One unsolicited suggestion to bebopson would be to eliminate the extra color-differentiation in each position. I think that’s supposed to be starters and bench or just seniority, but just having them top to bottom does the trick without clutter.


No, there is no chance of that.


That’s a nice chart. I see an issue for centers in 18. If Mo goes pro, and Teske or Davis get injured, we’re screwed. Isaiah could slide over, but that would be a tough adjustment for him.Then we have a bunch of 6-6 guys, it’s a problem.


This one is easy on the eyes! :heart_eyes:


How’s this?


both are helpful. i maintain this so i can see it by position. if dylan wants to use it i can share the google sheet with him.


I think it looks good this way. And yeah, it’s a nice complement to Dylan’s – I just meant as a quick scholarship numbers tool.


Figured but thought it was worth an ask. Thanks