2018 Recruiting Notes


I thought if Wagner goes we have 4?


I just prefer other targets. I think Tyson will pounce. Just seems like the kinda kid that would at a Michigan offer. He’s a nice player I just really prefer our other targets and want to have space for them. If Tyson and say nance pounce ( I think both might) then we really only have 1 or 2 spots left for

Carmody, jones, hunter, ignas, shittu. I prefer the bottom guys much more then the top. I like nance but I still need to see more against better kids. I just don’t want to take whoever sits down first. Seems like we are doing well with a lot of big time targets. I’d like to let that play out and for once be picky here.


I guess that’s my ideal/ slightly realistic class. My ideal class out of offerred/targets would be



That would be true, but I recall him saying that leaving a year before getting his degree would be “stupid”. Who knows…


I’m ok with Tyson taking Carmody’s spot (Carmody seems likely to go to ND anyway). I do want 2 of Hunter, Iggy, and Johns. A 5 man class would of DeJulius, Tyson, Hunter, Iggy/Johns, and Nance would be great.
I would take Locke over Tyson but because Tyson can play multiple positions if he drops they can continue to recruit both Locke and the other forward prospects.


Dylan, do you think this will definitely be a 5 man class and more specifically, 5 guys signing in the Fall? I know we have 4 available (including DeJulius) and the expectation is more will be available if Mo goes pro or we have other attrition but I was curious is Beilein might only sign 4 in the fall and then maybe see what happens after the season. He might want to have one available for a grad transfer.


I think it has hard to guess class size right now…

If they land Tyson and Nance before the July period, then I would expect the full court press on adding a guy like Hunter or Ignas. If you land one of them then you are at a four-man 4. That’s technically full pending any attrition.

Would you turn someone away at that point? Probably depends who it is, but could also wait out for a super, a grad transfer, whatever else.

So many moving pieces right now (only one guy in the class as things currently stand) that it is just hard to guess.




So is our SG board right now just Locke? I’d be totally fine with him.


I thought I heard Hunter Tyson was going to be offered as a 2, so we have options between Tyson and Locke. Tyson is tall enough that he could play the 3 or maybe even the 4 depending on development.


I’d love to have Locke. We were watching Torrence Watson - I wonder if we’re still considering.
Otherwise Frederick/Mosley seem to be the backup plans right now.

“Missed” on: Ryan, Bieniemy, Brown, Carmody


Not sure we “missed on” Brown when he visited and didn’t get an offer. The others are misses though even though we never led for any of them.


…hence why I put “missed” in quotes

Didn’t think I needed to explain it but apparently I did. I thought the “missed” would suffice so everyone knew I didn’t mean we missed on a kid we offered but he was a target that we had been watching.


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Kid can play


Saved for the first to bite of Locke, Hunter or Iggy

If Locke bites first, Tyson goes to the 3.

Or, my pereference would be to hold off completely on Nance if Johns is ready to drop in the next 2 weeks.


Is Johns supposedly close to making a decison? Kind of thought he might hold out for more big out of state schools to offer.


Probably by the and of the summer, maybe sooner.


Hopkins took the job out at Washington and now two city rock kids who I was hoping we’d target are now reclassifying back to 17 for him. Carter and now hamier wright. I think Hopkins is going to do better then Romar. Romar got big recruits but never did much. I think Hopkins will do both,

Really like wrights game. Sorry didn’t know where to post this. Kinda thinking aloud here. I wonder if cuse is going to regret letting Hopkins walk for a few more bohemian years. Pretty clear he was the point man in a lot of upstate connections. Don’t think cuse has landed too much lately, wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more city rock kids out ther. They offered girard recently. Stewart too. Wright was a pretty real uzzo target too so we dodged that bullet.


Hope we land Johns. I think nance and John’s could fall. I’d still take ignas with those two.