2018 Recruiting Notes


We are actually casting a pretty wide net. I like it. I think this 18 class is going to be our best in years. I’m a bit worried though some of the guys I prefer less ( not that means anything) will be the first to pull the trigger leaving better targets out there. Damned if you do ect

If i remember correctly offered:

Watson (?) can’t remember

Any others? I’d prefer to hold off on the Tyson offer before we hear from others. We still heavy in the mix on Johns?


Johns isn’t going to MSU. I am kind of surprised he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. I know he wanted a Kansas offer pretty bad. Maybe holding out for that? I know his mom prefers UM. Not sure what is holding him back.


I was always led to believe that Johns was a near lock for MSU barring a blue blood offer. That’s what I had been figuring is the reason that no trigger had been pulled. What makes you believe that he wont go to state?


Well I guess I can’t say for sure. I have no direct connections. I just know someone pretty close. They have always maintained that there was no way he was going to MSU. Style of play fit and “culture” fit is what has always been said to me. I read that as red faced Izzo. Never really asked. Nobody can deny that MSU has a losing culture, so I was making assumptions.

FWIW a national guy opined the same thing recently about not ending up at MSU


Thanks for that insight. It isnt hard for me to understand not wanting to play a screaming, angry little man

I do hope Michigan is able to land him


Wondering if he is looking to be a walk-on


He’s a 2018 kid, right?


The link in Meyer’s tweet says that he is '18. Think he mistyped in his actual tweet



My 2018 Dream Class:

Dejulius, Iggy, Hunter, Johns, Carmody

My hope based on what the recruits are saying and their timelines:

Dejulius, Iggy, Hunter, Tyson, Nance

Honestly I like all the guys we’re looking at right now, just some more than others. I would love to fit Locke in this class, love his stroke.


We need to get Hunter or Iggy. We need a dynamic player that can be a focal point of the offense (though they’d be focal points in different ways). Give me Iggy or Hunter and I’m confident enough that the rest of our targets will fill out the rest of the class.

Would have really liked Gabe Brown, but I understand waiting to offer him. Want our first dominoes to fall before taking the role players.


Yeah, the consensus seems to be that if he stays in state, Michigan will be the choice, but he may prep at La Lumiere (Indiana) and Purdue and IU are recruiting him hard.


I’d like to see ushold off on an offer for hunter Tyson. I like nance to but I’d prefer to see if we can land shiftu, hunter, and Johns first. I think ignas can play the wing so I didn’t include him there. Can’t forget about Anderson too.

I like mosleys film. I’m still day dreaming for my hometown kid Jeenathan. No talk what so ever but he fits the mold of the wing we need well and I’m still convinced we’d be a huge player if we stepped in. Oh well.

Love Locke too but with Eli and Jordan I think it’s redundant.


Like all these guys, obviously would prefer Hunter, Iggy a little more. But that said, only concern is the timelines. Could be wrong, but seems those two are taking their time, so what do you do in the meantime?


I think iggy can play the wing.


Maybe shittu? Seems genuinely intersted. Says we call him often. I like it. I would not offer Tyson on the visit. Hold off on that. I think he’d commit quick


I disagree. We have a lot of quality targets this year. The drop off from hunter to iggy or Johns isn’t a huge blow. Hunter is my favorite target but we are in the mix heavily for a ton of quality talents. This is going to be one of our best classes yet if belein plays it right.

I also think after the hype the roster development got this year that people are finally realizing what we already knew. You will get better if you play for belein and he will get you to the NBA if you are quality player and person who puts forth the effort. After Matthews does it either this year or next year (I’m confident in that statement) it will just reenfirce that fact.


Is that your priority list, or ideal class? We only have 3 scholarships left for '18.


Tyson is younger than the others at only 16, has great length, and is pretty skilled. He’s a solid athlete as well. I agree that Hunter is better right now and he would be my top guy but I can see why they wouldn’t want to hold off on Tyson. He’s got a lot of room to grow as a player.



Watching a bit of film… really long kid who can hit the three. Will be watching him closely this weekend.