2018 Recruiting Notes


I do think that it would probably be hard to fit both Gabe Brown and Hunter Tyson into one class and I think it is probably fair that the staff might like the fit of Tyson a bit better all things considered? They aren’t identical players at all, but they both kind of would be that glue guy, extra wing who can probably play different positions.

Brown is an elite athlete and can shoot off the catch. He’s basically a prototypical three-and-D guy, but he doesn’t create much of any offense for himself right now so it’ll be interesting to see how he develops.

When a guy has that much raw athleticism, there’s always a chance that he could blow up, but as you say time will tell.


Gotta love the kid’s passion. That was a great message.


Is it starting to look like a Nance, Tyson, Iggy and Locke class to anybody else besides me? Along with the already committed DeJulius.


I think that class along with DeJulius would be a really good group if you can pull it off.


Havent heard much on locke besides the offer news today. That class would look good to me.


No Carmody or Hunter would be a BIG letdown for me.


We need a rim attacker in this class bad.


Who do you see filling that role on the target list?


Both Carmody and Hunter have that ability going forward.


I’m not sure I would lump Carmody and Hunter into the same category there. On film from the summer, I see more of it from Hunter (although he’s really developed that three-point stroke and has been aggressive looking for it this year) while Carmody has very little ISO, PNR type of action. Perhaps a product of their AAU role, but a data point nonetheless.


Carmody is athletic as hell. Here’s one opinion of his ability to get to the rim:



Not saying he isn’t athletic or can’t finish at the basket. Or really knocking his game at all.

Just pointing out that he’s logged more putback or pick and roll roll man possessions than he has logged PNR ball handler or ISO possessions in the adidas Uprising.


Be very frustrating to me if we don’t snare one of those two. Early identification and offer.


But if you miss on those two and land Ignas, still can put together a very good class.


Continuation of losing recruiting battles for Plan A targets.


Ignas could end up higher rated than both and he’s been insanely productive. I think he qualifies as a Plan A target.


Hunter over Iggy all day. Targets emerge all the time. But to whiff on Cormac, Hunter, and Carmody would just continue status quo. Need to win some of these battles.


Or we could get Ignas + Carmody or Hunter. Don’t see why it has to be 1 or the other. Frustrating that a lot of our plan A guys seem to get written off as time goes on but it happens every year.


But let’s be realistic for a minute. Carmody seems to have us, ND, and Purdue on top. While Purdue is a little annoying given their lack of wing player development, can you really fault the kid if he chooses ND? Good program, good academics, not unlike us.

Similarly, what if Hunter winds up at Xavier or OSU? Again, it’s not like he picked Penn State or something.

I’d like to see us close with a two guard (any of Locke, Carmody, Tyson), and two of Johns, Iggy, Hunter, and Nance.


Ignas>carmody imo. I really think going all out on hunter is big though. Landing hunter and ignas would be a huge coup with dejulius. Then toss in another target really any of them and that’s a big time class.

We desperately need that slasher though. I agree with others here.