2018 Recruiting Notes


This is a very long ways away and we all know a lot can happen in a short time but say we only have Moe and DJ for one more year at the most this is what the starting lineup could look like in 2018.


With Brooks, Davis, Ibi and DeJulius coming off the bench.

That leaves 4 spots open and a big time need for a creator or two and another 4 to backup Livers. Plus who knows what Teske and Davis bring at the 5 so definitely a need for contributors right away which we haven’t had in a couple of years.

Once again I know this is a ways away but just curious on others thoughts.

Big thing for me is say DJ does go pro this year, what does the staff do with the ship? Ideal is they can flip one of the Canadians but highly doubtful. So that leaves sit on it, take a late 17/grad transfer or take a regular transfer who will be ready to go next year. Going to be an interesting summer as usual.


There wasn’t a ton of buzz on Larry Nancy Jr. either. Was completely under the radar as far as high majors go. He grew a few inches and a developed a ton at Wyoming and became a NBA player. I don’t know if this is the case with Pete but it could be. Coaches don’t want to make the same mistake.


Yea I don’t buy that just because his older brother did it, so will he. Im not writing Pete off at all but he’s already 6’9ish, playing in his age group and already highly rated. Really had no excuse for laying an egg this weekend, but it is only one weekend.

On the other hand, after watching all the video I could find on him, there is something about his game I’m not in love with. Clearly, he’s a D1 kid, but there is a stiffness in his game that gave me pause. Not explosive (at all), fairly slow and deliberate. I think that all probably showed this weekend vs very high end talent. He’ll need to learn to adjust some of his game and adapt to the talent.


Larry Nance Jr. also battled undiagnosed Crohns disease and his stomach was filled with ulcers until he was a sophomore in HS. Only then was he able to be treated and start to get healthy and grow. Different circumstances than Pete has had to move through his HS years with, thus far.


When I watched the video, he looked like a right-handed Tayshaun Prince to me. Skinny, long, nice handle for a guy his size, blocks shots, can shoot, but not much game inside the paint - not real strong, anyway - leaners seemed to be his primary shot down low.





Another day another AAU team.



I have to say this–the kid is a very good player, but there are too many red flags for me. De-committing while throwing other recruits and a program under the bus, switching AAU teams in mid-season–no thanks.


I know kids have the right to change there minds but I just do not understand committing early and de-committing unless something wrong or catastrophic happens with a program. This goes especially for 4 star and above talent. Wait until the end of summer AAU of your sign-able year to make sure as most of the previous season end movement has taken place. Some one needed to coach this kid on how to de-commit. As you stated good player but drama is written all over this one.


He was also very honest on why he de-committed. That doesn’t happen often. Someone is supposed to teach them how to “do it the right way.”

Kids get completely caught up in the moment when it comes to early commitments. I’m sure I would as well, especially if it’s your dream school like Ohio State was for him.

I don’t know the kid at all besides him being a talented basketball player. There is a lot more to the decision than basketball but these kids wouldn’t be going to any of these schools if it wasn’t for basketball. The ball stops bouncing at some point.


Honesty is usually great, but there are statements which are honest but unnecessary and/or hurtful. If you go over to a friend’s house and they ask you whether their daughter, on her way to prom, looks beautiful, it may be honest to say no, she’s not all that attractive, but it’s absolutely the wrong thing to say. I have three kids in their 20s, so I vividly remember the teenage years, and I get that teenagers pay less attention to social niceties than others. However, I can never remember a kid pulling from a commitment (and many do each year) in quite the fashion Bazley did. Add the jumping AAU teams and it doesn’t seem like a kid who just got caught up in the moment.

Just my opinion.


Agree 100% with you. What I was referring to was that we rarely see the kids be honest in regards to a de-commitment. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong what he said but he is also a kid. And kids do and say stupid things as I’m sure you can attest with your children.

Another thought on this, maybe Ohio State told him they didn’t want him anymore for a specific reason besides his basketball talent. Then came the jilted boyfriend/girlfriend response from him.


If that was the case/scenario the Buckeyes would be at all forums singing that from here to dooms day.


Many programs apply A LOT of pressure on the sales pitch during a visit (official or unofficial); it’s easy to see how/why some kids — and remember they’re still kids — take the bait and/or get caught up in the moment and verbally commit. And then a week or a month or a semester later the kid starts having “buyers remorse” and decides to rescind his/her verbal (non-binding) commitment. So, in general, there can be a lot of legitimate reasons why a kid commits on the spot and then rescinds later.

I don’t like the optics of this particular situation — being overly brutally honest on the way out AND following that up with a change of Summer League programs. Almost looks like there has been a shakeup in the chain of command advising the kid?


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Assuming he is being looked at the 5 since not much for ball skills? Like him at that position in the pick n roll.



Seems like that’s probably where he’d fit eventually. Real early as he’s mostly talking with Saddi though.