2018 Recruiting Notes


I think he likes a defensive specialist at the 5. If he sees Mo as a 4, defense is not as big of a deal and I think SVG would be more open to drafting Wagner (see İlyasova, Ersan) However, with the drafting of Ellenson last year I don’t see him taking another 4 so soon.


My thoughts exactly. Ellenson is a similar skill set but a better player than our guys and SVG didnt let him sniff the floor this year.


Based on his most recent video he is a take for this team.



Man do I wish we could get this kid but think that ship is sailing away.

Also of note Marcus Bingham instate kid got an offer from State this week. Has been a breakout performer this summer but sounds like he wouldn’t be ready to contribute right away and might even need a redshirt year. Interested if we get more interested as he is 6-10 who can shot just needs some extra time to develop.


In case DJ declares, Shittu can fit in immediately.


Isn’t Shittu 2018? He can’t help us immediately if DJ declares.


He has class flexibility. So far, he’s maintained that he’s 2018 but he could reclassify to 2017.


Pete Nance, Jerome Hunter updates

Here’s on Nance:

Recruitment: Michigan, Northwestern and Ohio State

His day: Nance failed to score a point until the middle portion of the second half of his outing. However, scoring the basketball is not what Nance will ever be known for but rather his unique ability to create for others off of the high ball screen and also facilitate for his team in the half-court setting, two things he still did well in his team’s defeat.

Quote: “I just want a place that I am around good people, where I can get a good education and where I would want to spend four years of my life.”

Prediction: Pretty much set on a final three of Michigan, Northwestern and Ohio State, Michigan seems to be in a good spot with Nance but after the decommitment of Darius Bazley from OSU, the Buckeyes have ramped up their attention with the super talented junior, the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr.


If he wants to get a good education and be around good people, it seems like he is ours to lose.


I feel best about nance and ignas. I think our class with how


Then a penetrating wing like bieneny or Watson. I’m gonna keep beating the Carter or j. Williams drum of the target we should zone in on. Williams pull up off the bounce is very nice. He fits that trio well.

Taking hunter Tyson as our 2/3 is a mistake.


Agreed although seems like Hunter has expanded his game and is moving up the rankings. Still hope more penetrating wings emerge, only saw the quick video of Tyson but agree he doesn’t look like a 2 to me.

Other big question is do we offer Gabe Brown if he continues to blow up and do we target a 5 now or hope Teske and Davis are the answer after Mo.

Going to be an important class for JB.


2018 looked like a 3-ish person class before, probably a bigger class than that now after DJ/Moe’s emergence I’d guess.


I think we are probably recruiting like we need to fill a 5 man class. Which is good, also why we should be looking at every position other than small pg bc we have dd in the fold already. Lots of options, they’ll find talent that fits.


Definitely has some options, be interesting how they play it this summer as it seems a lot of targets aren’t in much of a hurry. Like the thought of Nance but don’t know how much physically he would be able to contribute right away.


I’m most interested to see if we go after a 5 in the 18 class. See no way in which we don’t take one. Moe will most likely be gone, meaning we will be left with Teske and Davis. They could develop just fine, but you want a third on the roster. Trevion Williams is the only target I know we are in contact with. Though I suppose Shittu could play the 5, I’d rather not count on him since his recruitment is really heating up.


Heard Nance really, really struggled vs Johns and Bingham last night. 3 air balls, could do anything he wanted and the athleticism really bothered him.

Didn’t score until halfway through second half.


You should definitely have 3 centers on the roster at all times. We have the room to take one in the 2018 class.


You don’t necessarily need 3 true centers on the roster — if UM can find a big wing who can defend height (like DJ Wilson or DeShawn Sims earlier in Beilein’s tenure) then 2 centers can suffice with potential assistance from a big wing.

I don’t think Livers can qualify to that extent. Hunter (among current recruits) is not that type of player either. Nance, if he’s still growing, might be able to fill that role