2018 Recruiting Notes


Thanks, the two positions i am most intrigued by in this class are the 5 and 2/3 but has been very little info about targets at those positions.

Dylan, have you caught wind of when the Elite Camp might be happening this summer? Hoping we get a lot of these guys in for that.


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Two Elite Camps, one in June and one in August. I’d have to check the exact dates.


I think there are a lot of guys who are very flexible position wise which makes it tricky to project. Ignas, Tyson are probably some sort of 3, but could slide up? maybe down? Hunter, Johns are also wings who could definitely slide up.

So it is hard to group the 2/3 together since really the 2 is more like the 1 and the 3 is more like the 4 at U-M. That being said, there was originally definitely a want for a pure 2 (Cormac, Carmody, Bieniemy) kind of seem in that range.

Maybe Brooks and Poole project to that spot a bit (with 2 other PGs on the roster), but it is all pretty interchangeable. Think the key is to get a couple of guys from that top group and then figure out what else you need.

Also if you look at who is on the roster in 2018… having guys who can slide up to the 4 starts to seem like the biggest void.


Is there somewhere I can find a list of 2018 targets and their AAU teams? The EYBL circuit is coming to Atlanta this weekend and I might try to catch some games.


http://www.d1circuit.com/ has all of the EYBL rosters.

Dave DeJulius plays for The Family with Gabe Brown.

Brandon Johns (Spiece), Cormac Ryan (NY Rens), Ignas (CIA Bounce), Hunter Tyson (CP3), Cole Swider (BABC),


Thanks, Dylan!


Game tied and game on the line naz Carter takes Cormac off the dribble and gets the wide open dunk for the win. City rocks beat ny rens. Upstate wins the day.

Also I saw a picture of Carmody in a Rens jersey with cormac. Did he switch teams.


Yep looks like Carmody is running with the NY Rens this weekend.


Jacobi Gordon a target from Texas that was mentioned awhile ago. Says he has a Mich offer but don’t think he has visited. Not getting my hopes up but athletic wing.


I like that we have a wide net here. I also really like who were after. I’d love to make bazley our main sf target. He looks pretty amazing to me. Hunter as well. I don’t see how their not top 30 type kids.

Adding bazley and hunter would be awesome. Based off our 2017 class I think 2018 needs infusion of athletes, penetrators, defenders. I’d love hunter at the 4 then a 3 in the mold of bazley. An athlete who can run and put it on the floor.

I like our roster and future direction. It looks like belein can score a really nice class year. The next 4 years feel bright to me.


I don’t see Jerome Hunter as a 4. I see 3 with ability at some point to play small ball 4. So, I do not see both a Bazley and Hunter ending up at Mich. only one or the other. Also, I might prefer Hunter at this point but reserve the right to change my position.


I’d be very surprised if they go hard after Bazley after the way he decommitted from OSU. They have certainly recruited kids who have de-committed–Trey Burke to name one–but not ones who trashed the recruits at the previous school on the way out the door. ,


Agree 100% with the infusion of athleticism on the roster, think we need a couple of atypical JB recruits in terms of that. Believe it was the Torrence Watson article where he said the staff told him they need a big guard who can score and defend, those are the targets I am most interested in. Besides Watson there really hasn’t been any surface besides Carmody and Ryan who have been there for awhile.


Yea this is why i keep promoting Williams and Carter to no end.I wish I’d hear their names. Right in our wheelhouse ranking wise


Yeah, hoping JB is keeping things on the down low with some guard targets. Just want a couple of recruits who are not just run and jump athletes but athletes when handling the ball.



He was allegedly invited to Elite Camp last year as well. Freakishly explosive athlete with limited skills. 6’6" power forward. There’s a bunch of alley-oop and putback dunks all over social media.

On his fifth HS as a junior and his third AAU team in two years. Not exactly a Beilein kid.


I’m not sure we are a real player here.


If it turns out that Michigan’s included only to troll the Buckeyes, I’m OK with that. :grin: