2018 Recruiting Notes

Agreed, but did he commit?


With the combo of an available scholarship and this past seasons success do we shoot for the stars on a top 50 or 100 player yet to commit? Maybe Wing Romeo Langford who seems to be leaning towards Indiana?

Not really how this works. You can’t just swing into Romeo Langford’s living room two weeks before he’s going to announce and suggest that he swings by. Maybe in NCAA Football 2007.

Aundre Hyatt is expected to host Beilein on Tuesday and he’s a guy who could make the move back to 2018 if the right situation came up.


Does M really want a 6 man class.

Looks like a similar player to Nunez. Not sure M would want two such players in this class

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I’ve never watched Hyatt but I would think you would want a stud if you added an 18 kid which seems extremely unlikely. Seems like a grad transfer or it goes to the 19 class.

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That’s how it works if you are Duke, Kentucky or someone with a lot of cash.
Also, I see that we once did have interest.
Would make more sense to use it on a 2019 position of need.

Do you think Hyatt is a major upgrade to the current class? A instant impact payer?

Have only watched a bit of video. Also seems like he’s leaning toward staying in 2019 as I mentioned in the other thread. Big wing with a nice shooting stroke.

Brandon Johns and David DeJulius make Free Press Dream Team along with Loyer, Williams and Weems.

Really interested to see what direction JB goes with the open ship, who knows what is going on but can go grad transfer, standard transfer or highschool recruit. Seems like we are popping up with a few solid 19 recruits so is definitely a juggling act.

Seems like a wing candidate would be the priority and then a 2 guard. For 2019 we seem to be well stocked in PGs and 5s with 3 each and 3 guys that can play the 4.
I would prefer a grad transfer that can play the 2 or 3 this year or save the scholarship for 2019.


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DeJulius and Castleton both with huge jumps into the Top 100 for Rivals’ final rankings. Johns rose 8 spots as well.

Also shoutout @slyboogie2 as Jeenathan Williams tied for the highest jump overall


No official stat for this, but I imagine Beilein/Michigan would be #1 for total spots recruits jump up to from commitment to the final rankings. Not just for this year either.

Based off my knowledge, the only recruit who fell a bit was McGary?


Wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve always thought that JB was as good (maybe better) of a scout as he is a coach.


Agreed and even with that, it still amazes me a lot of people (not here) don’t give him the benefit of the doubt when he identifies his recruits.


I’ll never doubt you again, Sly.