2018 Recruiting Class Expectations


There are a few reasons that I expect a good (not great) year out of Livers:

  1. He was good enough to supplant Robinson as the starter - caveats applied about minutes and effectiveness - see second point
  2. He seemed very effective as a starter until the ankle injury despite the smallish sample size
  3. He has a year under JB’s system which is no small learning curve. I think that he will have more reacting than thinking
  4. he has the physical and mental tools


That may have been one of two strong takes to the basket in the entire season.


Jeez, a lot of people putting a lot of words in my mouth for simply posting a gif that shows potential. TIL posting a nice play means you think he’s the next Lebron.


Not putting any words in your mouth (although you could have added some to the post). Just trying to figure out where the Livers hype is coming from. The fact that we all could have grabbed that clip as really the one time he did something other than make a corner three or a transition dunk speaks volumes IMO.

He has nice physical tools, but it is just interesting to try to think about the guys coming in at the 4 who are, in my opinion, more dynamic offensive players.


I think fantastic physical tools is more appropriate and that’s where all the hype is coming from. Although I really don’t see many people saying he’s going to dominate or anything. What specific post are you referring to that seems like more hype than what’s warranted?

From what I’m reading it sounds like people just think he’ll be able to replicate that good stretch last year on a more consistent basis while also adding some potential pick and roll stuff. Seems pretty realistic to me.


And it shows that he has it in him somewhere.


Well, Dylan asked why people are so high on Livers and all you did was post a video. What did you expect the response to be?


“Yeah, he has some nice potential.” Because, ya know, it shows some nice potential. And once again, I don’t think anything said in this thread is very far-fetched.


I agree with Wolver (not going to add that second offensive part!). He’s got tools. He can hit the three. He’s quite mobile and unlike the others we’re talking about we’ve seen him against D1 competition. I think between the ankle and the freshman wall he really slowed down at the end but he’s fluid, athletic, plays good D, seems smart and I really feel he’s driven.


He has it in him and we’ll see it next year. Thanks for what you’ve posted. I think Isaiah has a lot more than we saw last year. I think he can, and will, take it to the basket effectively. I also think his three point stroke is very good. I’m excited with Iggy and Brandon coming in, but I’m pretty sure Isaiah will have a good year and show more of what he is capable of providing on the offensive end next year. Should be fun watching those three. I’m also looking for a big year from Charles, who I think will test the waters, find out what he needs to know, and return for a very nice year. Just my thoughts. Oh, and that take to the basket that you posted of Isaiah, that will not be the exception next year, it will be part of his arsenal.


Despite the 34% on almost all open catch and shoot thing his form looks very solid. Although so did GR3’s and he never put it together from deep until the NBA, so I guess you never know.


I try not to remember much from the national championship game, but MAN if Livers hit that open corner three to go up 8 (or 10), that may play out a little differently.


I’m most concerned about Livers lack of production after he earned his starting role. After Matthews turned things around in the NCAAs Livers seemed to be the only one getting significant minutes that really didn’t improve to the end of the season. Was it the injury? Who knows, but the lack of production is why I’m more cautiously optimistic about a breakout for him next season than I am anyone else.


I’m still wondering if that ankle injury did something. It was like he just got switched off for no reason.


I have already posted here a couple of times that Livers is the guy that needs to make a big leap next year if Michigan is to be as good as it can be. I try to not be too critical of freshmen or set expectations too high. I certainly think he has potential for improvement.
The best thing that I can say about Livers is that Beilein is very high on him and I trust his evaluations over mine.


I think the tweak of the ankle may have had something to do with it initially, but that’s not really what it is. Isaiah is a great kid. He would do anything for his teammates, including defer. Let me just put it that way. I think next year we will see a lot more of what he brings to the table. Just below your comment, wolverheel, Champions commented on Beilein being high on Isaiah. There is a reason Coach B is high on Isaiah. As I said, I’m really excited about Iggy and Johns. I think with Charles and Iasiah plus those two freshmen, we will have a lot to be excited about next year.


Quick question how many people have seen Johns this year? I watched him 3 or 4 times during the season. He’s bulked up quite a bit since July and he was solidly built then. I’d wager that he’s already close to 220, maybe a little more. He will be 225-230 come the start of next season if Michigan wants to continue putting weight on him.


I remember hearing a story regarding Duke’s 2000-2001 season. (They won the national championship that year.) Players would typically gather and warm up for practice. Then the coaching staff would come out and address the players.

First practice of the year, Coach K went to address the team, and was cut off by his senior captain, Shane Battier, “Coach, I got this.” Battier took that talk, and from then on handled all the non-basketball stuff with the team, so the coaching staff could focus solely on teaching basketball.

Behind the scenes, I’ve heard Coach K call Shane Battier his greatest captain.

With Livers, I see an athlete who’s got a bit of a shot, and just needs to tighten it up. A player who has a bit of a game closer to the basket, and just needs to tighten it up. A player that’s willing to play defense, and just needs to learn the system.

More than anything, I’m excited about Livers being the kind of player that can bring the intangibles and leadership a team needs to succeed. The kind that would be likely to say, “Coach, I got this”, and have the staff believe he does.

Because we’ve all seen the results when Coach B and his staff are free to simply coach up a willing team! That’s what excites me about Isaiah Livers on this team!


The thing I like about the incoming class, is their edge. Just my impression, but I feel like Johns, DeJulius and Iggy all play with an edge. I don’t know about the other two. It is a similar edge that I see with Simpson, Wagner and Poole.
Not that that is critical, not all good players need to have it. Rahk, Robinson and Livers strike me as more laidback types.


Here’s my question: What is the shooting ceiling for Nunez?

His stroke already looks beautiful for a high schooler. Safe to say we can expect Robinson or better levels to start (for whatever minutes he plays) and go up from there?