2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)


Yep miller is another good call. Looks like David is lights out from deep though.


Best case is Jordan Taylor? Hmmm.

So is his dad an MSU fan or something?


One of the very few instances where the recruit loves JB, but the parent does not.


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He just became my favorite future Wolverine.


Good work MD and hope you feel better! You were all over this one! Love the deep dive on the GPA.

PEACE and Happy Holidays!


Thanks for the support, it is definitely appreciated.

Want to thank all you guys once again, your concern and support has been invaluable during a tough time for my family and I.


I’m with you on Brooks. Would have much preferred they stay in on Eastern instead.


Another game, another 40 point performance for Dave. Finishes with 41 and absolutely posterized someone. Averaging nearly 40 a game right now.


And only a junior.


Kid has dog in him and is a killer on the court…and one of the nicest, thoughtful people you will ever meet off the court.


Dosent EEV & DeJulius take on Livers team coming up, or no?


January 14th, and both guys have asked me to come. I’ll probably be there, in what is likely to be a great game. Kzoo Central is probably a top 10 team in Class A, and the deepest team in the state. EEVP is the second best team in the state IMO, with the best backcourt hands down.

Should be fun.


Where’s that game at?


Grand Rapids


Might have to get to that one


I’ll be there


Caveats apply because I’m certainly bias toward Dave, but his ability to shoot off the dribble is extremely impressive. From distance or midrange, he shoots a really high percentage on jumpshots off the bounce. His stepback three off the crossover or jab step is simply a thing of beauty. Almost impossible to defend.


When I watch his film, I see what we all thought Derrick Walton would be after his good freshman season.

If he can finish inside at the college level, he’ll be just fine.


Are those all recent developments for David? I thought his weakness was his perimeter shooting but based on the recent tape and stats, the kid is a lights out shooter. His film is really impressive this year and that recent dunk is absolutely insane.