2018 - PG - David DeJulius (Commit)



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Matt has an interview with Dave.





Kentucky meant absolutely nothing to David, even if they offered. That was simply a reason for his dad to stall the inevitable, because he can’t stand UM. In the end, his dad realized that his heart bleeds maize and blue!

Welcome to the family Dave!


@MattD what was the extent of the Kentucky interest?


It was most definitely legit, but an offer wasn’t going to come in the next few weeks or anything. That said, it wouldn’t have mattered. David has dreamed of going to Michigan since I’ve known him, and that goes back 3-4 years at this point. I’m so proud of that kid, he’s going to live out his dream.


Where would you put him if you were ranking the class? Top 100?


80-100 range. He’s never going to be a top 50 type because he lacks the requisite athleticism, but he has dog in him all day.

I said it a few posts above, best case comparison is Jordan Taylor. An undersized Chauncey Billups type

I can guarantee that nobody will outwork Dave. I generally hold workout sessions for some of the top players in the Detroit area, and this kid works out 2-3 times A DAY, for 1.5-2hrs a session. His will to be great is tremendous.

Dave is just a great kid, period. 3.9 GPA as well. Does charitable work. Came to see me at the hospital late at night before a school day. He’s just a perfect fit for Michigan across the board.

He literally called me in tears when Eli committed because he didn’t think he’d get an offer. Fast forward a few months and Dave is a Wolverine!



And was that Matt or Guestavo behind the camera?!?


Also curious Matt what your evaluation is of the PG situation being going forward, given that JB has rarely if ever had 3 capable point guards on the roster. Is David capable of playing the 2 alongside X? Do you think the staff views Eli more as a combo guard at this stage?


Me, and you’ll have to excuse my poor speaking. I’m probably operating at 2/3 capacity mentally at this point. Under any other scenario I wouldn’t have done this today. David actually postponed it in order to accommodate my injury. Tells you what kind of kid he is


Eli is certainly viewed as a combo guard by the staff. I think he has the weakest handle of that group. That said, Eli probably has more bounce than either X or Dave.


All cards on the table I was hoping for Cohill over DeJulius. That being said, I am pleased with the committ. Seems like a solid kid and a good start to the class. Getting the good feels from his commit video and your evaluation.


No doubt about it, with my extreme bias and all toward Dave, Cohill is the higher upside prospect with more size. I’m extremely close to Dwayne as well, so no shame in saying what my true analysis is. That said, David is a MUCH better scorer in relation to Cohill at this point.


I haven’t posted here for months, and after all the dust has settled, I’m still left saying the same thing I said at the time…taking Brooks was a real headscratcher, especially if we were going to take Dave in the aftermath.

Hopefully Eli outperforms my (and most others) expectations on the court. Had the chance to meet him when I took Steve on a visit for the IUPUI game, and he’s an extremely nice kid. I’ll be rooting for him hands down.


I’m still very skeptical of Simpson as a potential 30 mpg point guard. I think we desperately need more options for the program going forward at pg to have any realistic shot at competing for future B1G titles.

I was always a huge Cohill fan, but have no problem with DeJulius for the future. It’s JBs roster and that’s his choice.


Love this commit. MattD sent me video and info on him 20 months ago (April 2015) - credit to you man. I love his game and potential and even more excited after reading the info from MattD on how great of a kid he is. I think DeJulius can come in and compete right away and I like the thought of X/Brooks/DD playing together with our improving frontcourt length.


Really happy. Ever since video was posted of him by possibly you mattd I was a huge fan of his game. Just seemed real heady and that solid old school game. Billups is a great comparison crom what I’ve seen. I like guards we have going forward. I think sf in 18 has to be the priority here on out. Need that back up for Mathews, particularly if he blows up.

Clearing house at the end of last year was huge. Although I still love aubreys future and I think kam dominates the Mac. His game just didn’t fit our style. These open roster spots really have us set up nice. Really like the x/ David, Poole/ Brooks back court in the future.


Not a great comparison of games, but I will toss out Andre Miller as a DeJulius comparison.
If young DeJulius hits Camp Sanderson with gusto, may he fill out and become a Vinnie Johnson clone.
Yep, may Brooks, Simpson, and DeJulius become as revered, and on a first name basis with the fans similar to Isiah, Joe, and Vinnie :slight_smile: